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Seremedy | 15-09-2014
Seremedy Seremedy has decided to make one last song together due to the last live performace. The Single is released as DIVERGE and can be found on both Spotify and... read more »
Junon uusi albumi syntyi elämän hektisyydestä.
Juno | 15-09-2014
Juno Rap-artisti Junon uusi albumi on nimetty hänen syntympäivänsä mukaan. Idea lähti biisistä, jonka nimi oli 050187. Vaikka kyseinen biisi ei päätynyt levylle... read more »
Marjorie answers Louisy Joseph
Margie Nelson | 13-09-2014
Margie Nelson Between "L'Île Des Vérités" & "Danse Avec Les Stars", rumours are spreaded about L5. Whereas Louisy Joseph seems ready to join the band again, Margie Nelson... read more »
Louisy Joseph back with L5?
Louisy Joseph | 13-09-2014
Louisy Joseph Louisy Joseph will be one of the favourites in "Danse Avec Les Stars" fifth season. Recently, 2 former L5 said that they had no feelings for her anymore. Surprise... read more »
58 Years And Still Running
Hoppers | 11-09-2014
In 2015, the Hoppers will celebrate 58 years of their music ministry. To celebrate, the family group is having a tour. On September 6, the Hoppers posted on... read more »