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Gwen Stefani - Baby Don't Lie
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Antonello Venditti | 25-10-2014
Antonello Venditti 11/6/2014 Finally, the extraordinary double album LIVE fixed on CD tour of 2014 by Antonello Venditti : " .70.80 BACK to the FUTURE" . A hugely successful... read more »
Happy Birthday Buddy!
Mullins | 24-10-2014
Yesterday, former Mullins and Gaither Vocal Band singer Buddy Mullins celebrated his birthday! Buddy is a well known man in Southern Gospel music as also a... read more »
Ensinäytössä Atomirotta: Aurinkoon – Notkiksen ja kumppaneiden uutuus on oodi va
Atomirotta | 24-10-2014
Atomirotta "Jos loketit sattuu loppuu, pari pankkii ryöstetään". Atomirotta aloittaa uuden biisinsä räväkästi. Hiphop-ryhmä Notkea Rotta tiedotti helmikuussa muodostavansa... read more »
South Park Releases Lorde Parody Song, "Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)"
Sia | 19-10-2014
Sia Recent episodes of "South Park" have been fixated with Lorde, whom they've asserted is not actually a New Zealand teen but a middle-aged man in drag. (Lorde... read more »
Matt's 2015 Tour Dates
Matt Pokora | 17-10-2014
Matt Pokora Matt Pokora revealed the dates of his next tour, that'll start in April 2015, to promote his sixth album. From June 12 to 14, he'll perform at Paris' Zénith... read more »