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    27 Alias Clay

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    27 Alias Clay currently known as Abraham Sampson/Dj Abesamp has many facets to not only his name, but his talents as well. This hip-hop lyricist/producer/book author is no stranger to paying dues in the entertainment industry. "I've been chasing dreams since I dreamed of who I became in a dream; trying to bring him over into the reality realm." -27 Alias Clay Following in the steps of his uncle, "D.J. 3MB" Clay developed his turntable skills at the early age of 9. Fascinated by his speed and creativity, 3MB took his nephew along with him to spin records at parties that shouldn't no 9 year old child be participating in. However, 3MB was proud of his nephew and wanted all to see and hear how good this kid was on turntables. By the beginning of his early teenage years, Clay whom first called himself "D. J. Genesis" gained popularity through his neighborhood and surrounding areas for his ability to sound like "New York." A term that many in the South whom were still unfamiliar with hip hop used to describe a sound that was dominated by the East Coast. Not many in Clay's neighborhood could afford turntables let alone actually knowing how to use them. While living with his grandparents whom both worked hard to ensure that their grandson got whatever he needed, Clay took advantage and asked for the components of his scratch-master set up piece by piece; Christmas and birthday. In between collecting pieces of equipment, he took an old component set and made it sound like he was Jazzy Jeff himself. Like Jazzy Jeff, Clay's quick hands made sounds that the human eye couldn't cipher as his hands would glide back and forth along the wheel. As good as he had become on the wheels of steel, a scratch master if you will, Clay's creativity did not stop there. In junior high, after writing tons of senseless poems, Clay stepped into the world of Rhythm And Poetry. "I use to spend hours on end in the school library when I skipped class just so that I could read books. The dictionary taught me that there are millions of ways to express one thought." -27 Alias Clay

    After tons of paper balls tossed to the floor of his bedroom, Clay became a lyricist, an articulate EMCEE who could also speak fluently with his swift hands. These newly coupled attributes made him a one-man show. Once he began to perfect and nurture his hip-hop abilities, Clay became a one-man force. Throughout his high school years, Clay was the center of many crowds that formed around cats battling against each other for mere bragging rights; for Clay it was his way of preparing for the stage. During his 10th grade year, former Def Jam Recording Group Producer Rick Ruben received a demo of a 15 year old kid from Texas whom was good on turntables as well as the microphone. A golden opportunity that was silenced due to Clay's family not wanting him to quit school to pursue a Hip Hop career. Still continuing to exercise his talents, Clay would later form a group towards the end of his 12th grade year called Chain Gang. After graduation, Clay and his group members went their separate ways. Around December of 1992, Clay was introduced to Oak Cliff Assassin by way of a group whom was buying tracks from him. What was only supposed to be a pre-production session to allow Clay to add cuts into the song, turned into an all-out freestyle session that jump started Clay into the industry. "I was only there to add in cuts! Honestly, with no intentions of trying to underhandedly steal a spotlight that none of us knew was there, I was only doing what I do. K.P. (Oak Cliff Assassin) approached me and the next thing you know I was on his compilation album that came out that following year." -27 Alias Clay

    The year of 1993 came about a new hip-hop artist from Dallas then known as "Skullminister" and the newest member of the Lock Down Inmates. Although Clay never signed a contract with Lock Down Records owned by Henry Peebles, this meant publicity for his talents. With all whom wanted to sign him, Clay was gaining popularity throughout Dallas and other surrounding areas. With the release of "Out On Parole" by Lock Down, Clay and Oak Cliff Assassin formed a group called, "Hollow Point" consisting of two other members from Lockdown. During this time, Clay's mother and grandparents purchased his first piece of professional music equipment, an Ensoniq keyboard, the first of it's kind in music production. With this new instrument, Clay began to put together tracks that were unparallel to the norm of what was hot at that time. With the group Hollow Point now having two producers, ideas were clashing as Clay decided to leave the group and form his own, a new Chain Gang. While getting a call from Rodney Manning known as "Black" Clay began to write lyrics for him and format tracks for the group. Dewayne Colley also a member of the group Hollow Point joined Clay with Chain Gang.

    In 1994, Chain Gang began to perform throughout the South West in various promotional tours with Lock Down Records. "These dudes turned out the show every time and that made a lot of us on Lock Down who didn't like the fact that they were getting all of the notoriety, respect them." -Dale Leibert (Formally known as D. Divine) With all of the promotion that was involved with introducing this group to the public, still there was no contract. During this same year, OCA released his solo album called, "A Hit On The Hit Man" which Chain Gang appeared on a track titled "Dallas To Houston" along with Oak Cliff Assassin and Rap-A-Lot Records recording artist Gangsta Nip. In need of guidance with all that was going on, Clay found the group's first manager whom was so overwhelmed with the group's sound, he put them immediately in the studio to record their own album. He himself was an artist and with Clay now being a producer, this meant free music for him. With this business venture then contractually established, Chain Gang began to open up for many big-named artist such as, Icecube, Scarface, MC Breed, Onyx, Boss and U.G.K. With the help of radio jocks Gregg Street then of K104 and Eazy Street then of 100.3 Jamz, Chain Gang continued to dominate the local hip-hip scene with their hardcore style of music. With no money being made, differences within the group and outside influences tore it apart. With Clay producing tracks for other artist, many involved within the Chain Gang circle felt that Clay was forgetting about what he started.

    In January 1995, officially solo for the first time in his career, Clay established Mad Vibe Productions. Producing for any and everyone whom would buy his beats. Clay met up with another aspiring entrepreneur name whom owned his own indi-label called Cess Tripp'n Records. With no artist on the label, Clay became the first project for Cess Tripp'n as he began production on his first project, "Trialz Of A Mad Man" This was an (EP) featuring two other members from Chain Gang, D. Divine and Oak Cliff Assassin whom the Dallas Observer and Murder Dog Magazine deemed Clay as the artist whom showcased the spectrum of talent in Dallas in under 30 minutes of music. Sold only on cassette with little promotion, this EP sold more than 5,000 copies between Dallas and Houston. Unique in its design with a gold metallic casing, this made other indi-labels in Dallas take notice to how creativity sells itself. Disc Makers Sales Rep. Chris Harris said, "I remember when they placed the first order for these cassettes as no one else had ordered them before. The shrink-wrapped open face box card is what they normally come in and most orders come with a front cover and jay card design. Clay wanted to show the tape from outside the shrink-wrap to where when you look at it; you'll see the tape. I called over and over again begging them to design a jay card and cover, but they insisted on leaving it as is. When the tapes where finished in manufacturing, I personally went to oversee the shipment and they looked like little gold bricks on crates. When I called Clay and told him about the order he said, "That's what I wanted them to look like...gold!"

    1997- still solo, Clay and Lee entered into a partnership venture and combined Cess Tripp'n Records and Mad Vibe Productions to form Cess Vibe Enterprise. With this establishment came the release of a promotional (Maxi-Single) two months before Mother's Day called "Mother Dear". Mother Dear was the main track on the maxi-single that features an independent R&B trio "N'Tense" and Malaaco Recording Artist and blues singer "Sang'n Clarence". The second track "A War Of Life" featured Clay and former Chain Gang member Black. "It felt good being in the studio with my brother again." -27 Alias Clay

    1998- Clay was featured on another compilation album released by Low Life Records called, "Mobbin' 9-8" Also featured on this album were other members from Chain Gang. As Clay and Black kept in touch after the Mother Dear project, this was a reunion as to speak as Clay and his former group members were actually considering doing a project together. The owners of Low Life Records knew of Chain Gang and were seriously pushing the idea to do an album with the group however, differences between Cess Vibe Enterprise and Low Life Records wouldn't allow the project to manifest. Although there were many collaborations involving Cess Vibe artist on Low Life Recordings, Chain Gang was on the back burner again while all members were working on solo projects.

    2000- underground project released by Cess Vibe Enterprise called, "TRACK WARS"
    2001- along with former Lock Down Recording artist D. Divine now known as "Uncle Stoney", he and Clay formed the group "CASTO"

    2002- CASTO featured on an educational tool called "Rapademics" produced by Ezra Jay of Maroon Nation Productions. Several educational hip-hop tracks focused on math, spelling, vocabulary and speech. "This was challenging, to be us without being us in a street sense." -27 Alias Clay

    2004- One of many featured artist on the undergound album "Woodtown Affiliated" as the 18th alias The Tangerine Man

    2007- 26th alias revealed as Charles Bronson

    2008- officially establishes his own publishing company for book writers called, "The Chocolate Spear Series"

    2008- Publishes first book independently titled, "Noncustodial, How To Fight The Power"

    2009- One of many-featured artist on a compilation release by All Funk Radio titled "New School Old School".

    2009- Forms TCSSERIES.COM online radio station.

    2010- lulu.com exclusive release "DEFWISH27"

    2010- Publishes second book independently titled, "Life Like Yesterday"

    2010- "Journal Of Sampson" 27th alias revelealed Abraham Sampson

    2011- Publishes third book independently titled, "TribeLostNubians"

    2012- Changes station from TCSSERIES.COM to TCSSFM.ORG

    2012- Forms Rooseveltradio.org

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    Dj Genesis
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