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Zazie joins The Voice jury
Zazie | 22-09-2014
Zazie Jenifer Bartoli won't be the only woman to sit in the red armchairs of The Voice, La Plus Belle Voix fourth season. Singer Zazie will take Garou's place as... read more »
Garou leaves The Voice jury
Garou | 22-09-2014
Garou Whereas Florent Pagny, Mika & Jenifer Bartoli announced that all 3 of them have signed for The Voice, La Plus Belle Voix fourth season, Garou said that he ... read more »
It's over. for real!
Seremedy | 22-09-2014
Seremedy Rest in Peace, Seremedy! I'm gonna tell you about the Last Live Show that Seremedy had on september 20th 2014, for those of you who weren't there. The show... read more »
Ilona Came Back On Her Success
Ilona Mitrecey | 19-09-2014
Ilona Mitrecey Retired from the music industry for 7 years now, Ilona Mitrecey had her day. Pure Charts interviewed her, mostly to come back on her successful business. "... read more »
Jenn's First Solo Tour Postponed
Jenn Ayache | 18-09-2014
Jenn Ayache Some days before her debut album +001, Jenn Ayache announces that her first solo tour is postponed. Only the Parisian date on September 25 has been left. ... read more »