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    Adam And Andrew / Lyrics

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    "Parody Medley" Lyrics

    Adam And Andrew

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    Listen up yall, cause this is it.
    The beat makes you forget I'm not a lyricist.

    Definition make no sense at all.
    I used to be in the Black Eyed Peas but my part was just too small.
    I got big breasts and a real nice ass that distracts you from my lack of talent.
    All the other girls are bitches, at a concert I peed in my britches.

    I got lots of fans, even though I write songs that no one can understand.
    The cow goes moo.
    MOO! And the chicken goes bock bock!
    All the money I make is shockin' and nothings gonna stop me.

    Fergalicious. Whose songs are awful.
    Fergalicious. They make no sense at all.
    Fergalicious. Your face kind of looks like a man.
    Fergalicious. St-St-St-St-Stop makin' CD's!

    Playin' World of Warcraft and it's you I'm attackin'.
    I kill you quick so you tell the admen that I must be hackin'.
    I got banned but I didn't hack you just need to learn to play.
    You're bringin' shame to my screen name and I can't have that so I-

    Chat that. All on the forums.
    Chat that. And the message boards.
    Chat that. Say your skills are poor.
    Chat that. Your mom's a whore.

    Chat that. Say you're a noob.
    Chat that. And I'm better than you.
    Chat that. MOM THE MOUNTAIN DEW!
    Chat that. Mom seriously this isn't how you treat a level 70 orc warrior with tier 2 ethic gear.

    (She steal me money) I'm not sayin' we good politickers.
    (When I'm in need) But we ain't never had a filibuster.
    (She steal me money) I'm not sayin' we good politickers.
    (When I'm in need) But we ain't never had a filibuster.

    (I gotta leave) Get passed bill go 'head get passed
    [the committee to the floor]
    (I gotta leave) Get passed bill go 'head get passed
    (I gotta leave) Get passed bill go 'head get passed
    (I gotta leave) Get passed bill go 'head get passed

    (She steal me money) There's a bill to be voted on all written by me.
    (When I'm in need) To spend millions to give the homeless flatscreen TVs.
    (She steal me money) If we don't do something soon the vote is sure to fail.
    (When I'm in need) We need to find some senators to bribe or blackmail.

    (I gotta leave) I know one man whose vote we can get
    (I gotta leave) Or we'll release of videos of '80s porn he starred in
    (I gotta leave) And another man who'll vote yes when he learns
    (I gotta leave) We've got copies of cyber sex chats with male interns.

    (She steal me money) And there's a female senator from Oregon.
    (When I'm in need) A strict conservative who's had 3 abortions.
    (She steal me money) We still need votes from Vermont and New York.
    (When I'm in need) So let's take this bill and fill its ass with pork.

    (I gotta leave) Add a measure to give more funding to more ethnic places.
    (I gotta leave) If people vote it down we can call them racists.
    (I gotta leave) A bad bill passed through coercion and threats.
    (I gotta leave) Now get your pimp ass down to the side by the president.

    (She steal me money) I'm not sayin' we good politickers.
    (When I'm in need) But we ain't never had a filibuster.
    (She steal me money) Now I ain't sayin' we good politickers.
    (When I'm in need) But we ain't never had a filibuster.

    I woke up and had a feeling that somethin' was wrong.
    That night I found out I had a peeping Tom.
    He was outside my house hiding in a tree.
    His pants around his ankles, takin' pictures of me.
    He's one sick bum, I'm gonna call the cops
    He's a creepy hiding in my bushes, Peeping Tom.
    A creepy hiding in my bushes, Peeping Tom.

    Ooh yeah.
    He has a creepy smile and he wears a trench coat.
    And he can't get any play on his own.
    He leaves notes saying i make him bleed
    One night I woke up to him lickin' my feet.
    Put a camera underneath my toilet seat.

    A sneaky hiding in my closet Peeping Tom
    A sneaky hiding in my closet Peeping Tom.
    Whoaaah, Wooaaah, I'm Christina.

    You know, I like all these new songs,
    but I think it's time for something a little old school.
    You mean like 2pac?
    No, I mean older than that.
    You mean like Michael Jackson?
    You're getting warmer, but I'm talking about Billy Joel.
    Wow, that is old.
    Yeah. Yep.

    Whoaah, Whooah,
    Webcam girl, with a triple X in her URL
    Never thought I'd be a web porn dude,
    But it's cheaper than watchin' pay-per-view.
    It's true.

    And when she strips, I wonder if,
    She's gay, straight, or biyiyi.
    And if my wife catches me,
    Well I'll just liyiyie.
    And blame it on our sons.
    I don't need to go to a stripclub when I have my-

    Webcam girl, my webcam girl.
    [Don'tcha know I jerk off to her.]
    Webcam girl, my webcam girl.
    Ohh yeah.

    I wish I could escape.
    Cause I know I been a real bad guy.
    I'm sorry I caused your pet to die.
    Didn't know your gerbil was in the garbage disposal,
    When I turned it on, I thought he was a sponge.

    I was a jerk.
    I didn't mean to have sex with your sister.
    It was a mistake you two look real similar.
    But it was real good. I think that you should talk to her and get some pointers.


    I know you are probably wondering,
    How we choose which artists to parody.
    So we're going to explain our reasoning.
    We made fun of Fergie because she used her name and made up a word that describes how sexy she is.
    KanYe West dressed up like Jesus in a magazine.
    [He said he should be in the bible!]
    Gwen Stefani writes songs with no meaning, and is obsessed with the Japanese for some reason.
    Akon's song was about giving someone a spanking.
    And he tried to hump the shit out of a 14-year-old on stage.

    Take it from Aguilera or Avril Lavigne.
    Don't need good lyrics if the music has a good beat.
    A coherent message will just get in the way.
    Do you know what I'm sayin'?

    I know you don't want this song to end.
    It's one of the coolest ones we ever did.

    We think you should buy our CD's.
    Buy their CD's! Buy their CD's!
    Now all the ladies will probably wanna do us.
    Fergie, KanYe, Gwen Stefani, please don't sue us.
    We hope you liked our parody medley.
    This song was submitted on May 28th, 2008 and last modified on May 28th, 2009.
    Lyrics licensed by LyricFind.

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