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    Amy Lee

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    Genre:Alternative, Rock
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    About her:

    Full Name: Amy Lynn Lee
    Born: December 13th, 1981
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Born: Riverside, California - Parkview Hospital
    Grew Up: Little Rock, Arkansas
    Place of Current Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Siblings: Brother Robbie (17), sisters Carrie (22) and Laurie (20)
    Hair: Brown (dyed black)
    Eyes: Blue
    Status: Married to Josh Hartzler.

    Amy Lee is the lead singer of Evanescence.

    Interesting Facts:
    * She thinks that a girl should try to pay on a date, but would go "hmm" if he doesn't try to stop her.
    * She's more scared of a haunted house than a roller coaster.
    * She hates Baha Men's "Who Let's the Dogs Out"
    * She had a cat named Fievel, because of her favorite movies was "An American Tail".
    * She hates fast food, including McDonalds and Burger King.
    * Her worst vice is Godiva chocolate.
    * The first tape album she owned was The California Raisins tape.
    * Her favorite cheesy 80's song is Wham's "Everything She Wants".
    * She saids that the guys stink after a show, especially her.
    * Top 5 favorite female singers:
    * 1. Janis Joplin
    * 2. Beth Gibbons of Portishead
    * 3. Bjork
    * 4. Carole King
    * 5. Tori Amos
    * Her favorite era is the Victorian era. She really liked the clothes.
    * She loves Stevie Wonder, she even trys to copy his style!
    * Her embarrassing crush is Corey Feldman from the Goonies.
    * The last thing she bought was about 50 CDs. She can't live without Soundgarden's "Superunknown" and Dr. Dre's "The Chronic".
    * She doesn't understand why anyone want's to wear thongs - she prefers panties anyday.
    * She loves to drive, but when she does, she scares her passengers to death.
    * She hates politics, and thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger is hilarious.
    * No diet for her, she prefers full-fat.
    * At 13, she was a little overweight and had poofy hair.
    * She thinks Jason is scarier than Freddy, because you don't know how his face looks like.
    * She prefers cash over checks.
    * She designs most of her own costumes.
    * The beach is one of her favorite places - she loves the ocean!
    * She believes in the supernatural, she played in a haunted club once. She even sensed a presence many times!
    * She describes herself in 3 words: unique, sympathetic, misunderstood.
    * Her favorite hobbies include painting, drawing, and writing in her journals.
    * She's allergic to lobster, if she eats it she could go into a coma
    * Favorite movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas
    * Favorite actor/actress: Giovami Rabissi
    * She was a choir nerd growing up, she was head of her choir.
    * If she could bring one thing to a deserted island, it would be a piano.
    * Favorite car: A Dolorian (back to the future, plus the Flux capacitator)
    * If she wasn't in show biz, she would help people by being a nurse or social worker. Especially helping abused kids.
    * Her life philosophy is "Love Yourself"
    * Her dad works as a DJ and her mom worked raising her 3 siblings!
    * She doesn't really have an childhood names, it was always either Amy, Ames, or Amers.
    * Michael Jackson was her idol growing up.
    * If she weren't in Evanescence, she would probably be in college studying music.
    * She wanted to be a veterinarian when she was a kid.
    * She has a huge fear of sharks!
    * Her favorite holiday is Halloween.

    001. "I don't want to be Christina Aguilera. I want to be Amy Lee, rock queen - not sex queen."

    002. "I'm just a princess in a rock-star age"

    003. "Everyone on the bus can laugh at me, and I'll be like, 'Screw you guys: I look good!'"

    004. "Every time a cool rock chick or actress seems to respect themselves as a strong woman, I'm like, 'Yeah!' And I love them, and they're my girls. And then they start to go downhill and people aren't paying attention anymore. So they start stripping their clothes off, because that's all they have left. I swear to everything I've ever known, I will never do that"

    005. "Honestly I just wear what I like. You know why? 'Cause I can, I'm a rock star."

    006. "We've never been a religious band, but the media wants us to be."

    007. "That's where I spent of lot of my high-school years --in the closet. It wasn't too cramped, but you do get really hot."

    008. "I was always a drama queen. I remember playing in the kitchen, trying to get my mom to think I was dead and call the police. When she didn't, I would cry. I was always theatrical. I don't think any of my relatives are surprised. When we younger, Ben would come over and I'd come down the steps wearing some huge petticoat that I stole from school."

    009. "I experienced a little bit of trauma in my childhood, and I'm constantly trying to be get back there. I'm obsessed with anything that takes me back to when I was 6,7,8."

    010. "I think that our lyrics are defintely dark, but I know for a fact that we pull our inspiration from a million different influences. We listened to everything growing up. Our music isn't just 'opera metal' or 'gothic pop' it's just Evanescence"

    011. "I like to use two basic elements for my clothing: rock... you know, metal and chains and stuff - mixed with fairies and drama and Victorian clothing - fantasy."

    012. "I love choir, I'm a choir nerd."

    013. "My best friend recently told me that I was the most passionate person she's ever known. I don't know if that was a compliment or an insult, honestly."

    014. "People told me I can't dress like a fairy. I say, I'm in a rock band and I cand do whatever the hell I want!"

    015. "That was real. I climbed up that stuff. And I fell. But there's this shot where's this really really big fall and a girl with an unattractive ass. That's not my ass. I've got a way better ass then that girl (on falling in BMTL)"

    016. "Theres nothing sexy about skin and Bone, Urgh, you gotta have some junk in the trunk"

    017. "If theres one thing i believe, its that i dont know anything and anything can happen"

    018. "If all we ever sang about was how happy we are, we would be lying to ourselves. People try to escape their problems by getting drunk, partying and dancing them away. What really heals me is to sit down and think, face the facts, then you can get over it and be happy"

    019. "I cry alot-I dont know why, but it just helps me. I cry over bad and good stuff-sometimes sadness can be beautiful"

    020. "Sometimes I pick my nose. There you have it."

    021. "I was 13 and a little overweight with poofy hair. I was just trying to look busy so the counselors wouldn't try to buddy me up with the runny-nose kid in the corner."

    022. "A lot of fans come up and say, 'This song changed my life, can you tell me what you meant when you wrote it?' or 'This song saved me when I had to go through a messy divorce.' It's really moving sometimes."

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