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    Band name : Anotherstory
    Label : Control Yourself records
    Style : experimental / alternative

    When one thinks of Essex, and in particular Harlow, most people find themselves thinking about domestic violence, girls who don't even wait now until their teens to start their families (Harlow had the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Europe at one point), and drink fuelled fighting on a Saturday night, or indeed any night. In fact, the first thing that a kid does in Harlow is learn how to wield some sort of weapon, a broken bottle or a bit of wood with a nail in it is usually a good starting point. A deep-seated hatred for anyone different is usually quick to follow, which, by the time the average Harlow kid reaches secondary school, assuming he's not expelled by then, will see to it that he will have been involved in numerous burglaries, thefts and assaults.

    Five young lads are another story completely. Anotherstory decided to use the social derogation that surrounded them to inform, inspire and bring insightful comment to their music. This is a truth that has never been more apparent than in this, their debut single, 'Traffic'.

    Through an addictive combination of intellectual and passionate song writing, tempered by a display of emotional maturity well beyond their years, Anotherstory have used their time to produce a gritty, subversive, and violently aggressive single that painfully explores the volatile, explosive and ugly elements that most normal people keep suppressed deep within themselves. But despite its inspiration 'Traffic' is far from dark, in fact it is a dance floor friendly tune that can claim to be as much a pop tune as alternative.

    Phil Titus' bass lines in 'Traffic' are some of the catchiest you are ever likely to hear. A year on from hearing this tune first introduced to Anotherstory's live set it is perhaps the bass work that proves itself to be the most enduring element of the entire song, especially when played beneath Chad Thomas' echoy lead guitar, which opens the single (and coincidently inspired the whole tune), and Mike Pope's spiff raising guitar riffs. This is to say nothing of Steve Sparrow's vocal's, which are flawless, but never effortless. Indeed, Sparrow is a man who gives his all and suffers for it, his face twisting as much as the lyrics do, expertly reflecting the story he tells whilst Charlie Gadsdon's energetic drum work causes dance floors to shake and support beams to buckle as feet pound the floor in time to his incessant drum beating.

    Proving that things don't have to be beautiful to be art 'Easy Now' is a breakup song and another dance floor addictive tune (perhaps more so than the A-side), written about feelings not traditionally considered as such. It is a tune that reaches into the heart of every young male who has ever stood by and watched, helplessly, the slow and painful disintegration of the love within his life. Quicker than therapy, and far cheaper, 'Easy Now' is a track that provides a safe environment to express, and administer, the intense, self-hating desire for retribution that we would otherwise, on our better days, repress.

    Dubbed by those at Control Yourself as the song that sold a thousand pin badges 'So Average' (a track available only through CD format), is the Anotherstory tune. It's the first thing that most Anotherstory fans ever heard and without a doubt it has become Anotherstory's defining track, certainly no other track has, single handedly, secured the love and affection of so many fans. It's hard to believe that this tune was written over five years ago, but through continual reworking, and in some places rewriting, 'So Average' remains as fresh today as it did the day that it was first played. Unquestionably, there is no other song that defines Anotherstory's constantly shifting musical style better. Sadly, if you have never heard 'So Average' before then you never will as Anotherstory bid it farewell, refusing to play it again at the end of their current tour.

    Released as a limited edition download for the first 500 lucky fans to get their hands on a vinyl copy of Anotherstory's single, '100 Day Parade' is the Story's thrid B-side and a tune that gives fans a glimpse into the future of Anotherstory. Right from the smack you in the face drum intro, which is quickly followed by Steve's bitingly satirical, kick 'em while their down lyrics about a life lived unfulfilled, the whole song draws the listener to the conclusion that life is just too short and so you better enjoy it while you can, now dance!

    As if this wasn't enough Anotherstory top things off with 'Millionaire', arguably their best work to date. Available to all as a downloadable track on i-Tunes it is clear that the Story boys have real aspirations to pick up the tradition, long left behind by bands such as Oasis, of having strong B-sides, with this being a track originally written by the band as the follow up single to 'Traffic'. Through a combination of Mike's trademark, dance inspired guitar licks and Steve's bitter use of tired phrases of veiled respect, sung with a million times more vigor than they would be said in life (excuse the pun), 'Millionaire' is a revolutionary call to arms. It's an attack on the futile, soul destroying repetitiveness of work and as many agree, it is more than capable (and worthy) of eclipsing 'Traffic' altogether.

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