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    Genre:Alternative, Hip-Hop, Rap
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    Atmosphere are a hip-hop group from Minneapolis centering around rapper Slug (aka Sean Daley). The son of a black father and a white mother who divorced when he was a teenager, Slug became entranced with hip-hop, graffiti, and breakdancing, and formed the Rhymesayers collective with two high-school friends -- Siddiq Ali (Stress) and Derek Turner (Spawn).

    After some early gigs as Urban Atmosphere, where Slug DJed behind Spawn's rhyming, the pair hooked up with producer Ant (Anthony Davis), as well as likeminded locals such as MC Musab, Mr. Gene Poole, and the Abstract Pack, forming an underground hip-hop clique dedicated to freestyling, clever and complex lyrics, and anti-gangsta positivity. In 1998, Atmosphere released their debut album, Overcast!, which quickly became regarded as an underground hip-hop classic thanks to Slug's deeply personal, poetic musings, as well as Ant's bare-bones -- but inventive -- production.

    The next Atmosphere album was titled Sad Clown Bad Dub II, a 2000 set originally sold while the group was on tour. (Now out of print, it's a highly sought-after collector's item.) A year later, the group released Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EP's, a collection of three EPs built around the theme of Slug's complicated relationship with his ex-girlfriend, the lost love of his life. The group has toured consistently, both at home and overseas; while Ant usually doesn't accompany the group on the road, Mr. Dibbs of the group 1200 Hobos often joins in behind the turntables and Slug is usually assisted on the mike by young rappers like the teenaged Eyedea.

    In June 2002, the group -- down to the duo of Slug and Ant -- unleashed God Loves Ugly, an 18-track effort that returned to previous themes ("F*@k You Lucy"), but also contained the group's most pop-friendly single to date, "Modern Man's Hustle." By this time indie rap superstars, Atmosphere returned with their fourth album, Seven's Travels, in 2003, followed two years later by You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having. The group continued to put music out during the next couple of years, including the free download Strictly Leakage in late 2007, a near-party album that they followed up with When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold in April 2008, a record that featured plenty of live instrumentation and guest background vocal spots from Tom Waits and TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe.

    The "double EP" To All My Friends: Blood Makes the Blade Holy followed in 2010 and the album The Family Sign was released in spring 2011.

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    •  guest says:
      pop out
       shaqreia says:
      009-04-2013 05:04
      Ain't no way to explain or say
      How painful the hangover was today
      In front of the toilet, hands and knees
      Trying to breathe in between the dry heaves
      My baby made me some coffee
      Afraid that if I drink some it's probably coming right back out me

      this verse when i herd it i was hooked i love this song.
       stupidbraud1 says:
      030-09-2007 15:57
       stupidbraud1 says:
      030-09-2007 15:56
      029-04-2007 04:50
      The review is based on how emotional I am right now. I just got into it with my girlfriend over some dumb crap and I seriously believe it's her fault. This song makes a lot of sense to me at this point in time.
       CItAintEazy says:
      025-02-2007 00:45
      Little late on the analyzing but I think this song sums up a bad trip spent in the bathroom. If you've ever been on drugs and managed to take a little too much and end up in the bathroom, then this song makes sense. Actually, the reason I love this song so much is it is the perfect recap. Sitting in the bathroom infront of the toilet, sweating and having your senses go crazy, inbetween hurls you think of stuff like fuck drugs, god help me change, etc.. in a pathetic attempt to move your thoughts elsewhere, you stare at the bathroom floor/tiles and a last fleeting thought or idea before it all clears is to think of someone close. At least thats what I think. =/
       CItAintEazy says:
      016-11-2006 06:34
      I like this song a lot. It's much different than most of the stuff Atmosphere does. I love bumpin it when im in a real lively mood or pissed off =)
       CItAintEazy says:
      011-11-2006 20:06
      Always loved the song but now it seems more appropriate. Lets start a list shall we?

      Fuck you Heather
       clynn83 says:
      001-10-2006 03:59

      I have the extended version of this song and absolutely love it. I'm from Minnesota..born and raised. In the extended version he mentioned Duluth, which is where I live and I thought that was pretty cool. Slug is an awesome lyricist. (sp??) Awesome song!
       CItAintEazy says:
      004-09-2006 08:18
      Just a few words to say.. good song.. metaphors are pretty interesting here..
       CItAintEazy says:
      026-08-2006 19:31
      I used to really be into this song.. but I like the 2nd part of it better. The first part is a really well done ballad but its a little to gloomy for me.. I have tried to create my own version of the second part many times and I would have to say Atmosphere just does it too good.

      Makes you kind of interested in Minnesota, you know..? Atleast a little?
      show more (11-21 of 113)