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    Austin Powers / Lyrics

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    "Hard Knock Life - Dr. Evil" Lyrics

    Austin Powers

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    Take the base line out
    No? You dont have to
    Bounce with it

    It's a hard knock life for us
    It's a hard knock (yeah) life for us
    Stead of treated, we get tricked
    Stead of kisses, we get kicked
    It's a hard knock life

    I dont know how to be
    no crib on MTV
    God only knows
    got my mini me
    and the gps
    see how it goes
    Evil's all that i see
    Youu ask me my name
    D to the Rizzo
    E to the Vizzo
    I to the Lizzo
    Im a crazy mother &&^*
    Y'all knew that!
    Austin caught me in the 1st act
    its all backwards
    what's with that?
    so ill make a prophecy from the dogs
    to the mini me
    Gimme an escalade 2 way
    Bling Bling on e-bay
    domina mother &*^&

    It's a hard knock life (yeah) for us
    It's a hard knock life (Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!) for us
    Stead of treated, we (Uh Ha) get tricked
    Stead of kisses, (This is for my hommies in Brucchce).we get kicked
    Its the hard knock life for us(Uh hu uh hu uh hu)
    It's a hard knock life for us
    Stead of treated, we get tricked
    Stead of Kisses, (Aaahhhh, Cristal, my moto, a couple of bihatches, why not?)
    It's a hard knock life

    I gotta bust-a-move
    drop and bust-a-groove
    Feeling fine,
    got an evil crew
    Goldmember too
    lick my nine
    til then i'll #%$^
    $^$@^ on my %^$
    That's all
    Fer shizzle my nizzle y'all

    It's a hard knock life

    This is a shout out to Hoova
    God MC
    You all know him, that's Jay-Z
    I met him..
    Well, I saw him in a restaurant once..

    (it's a hard knock life)

    Stick that in your blunt and smoke it
    Yeah! I said blunt!
    This song was submitted on November 24th, 2005.
    Lyrics licensed by LyricFind.

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    •  guest says:
      pop out
       TheAnnoyance says:
      003-01-2006 23:35
      they should have the "just the 2 of us" autin powers song on here, they've only got this one added....
       JewUnit says:
      003-01-2006 23:33
      Yup, whenever I'm in a bad mood.. or when I want a good laugh I just listen to the song.
       PinkFloyd says:
      003-01-2006 23:31
      Lol... you have this song on your iPod? Haha, I remember it from the movie, pretty funny.
       JewUnit says:
      003-01-2006 23:30
      Haha it is a very good song.. I have it on my iPod infact!

      "Bling Bling on e-bay domino mother @#&!"
       TheAnnoyance says:
      003-01-2006 22:51
      hahaah, good song.