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About LetsSingIt


If you have a question, problem or suggestion, on this page you'll find the best way to get in contact.

Music Content

If your question, problem or suggestion is artist-related, you can contact the moderator of the artist. The moderator is mentioned at the pages of the specific artist. The LetsSingIt Forum is also a very helpful resource. It contains thousands and thousands of topics and probably there is already a topic related to your question. If not, don't hesitate to create a new topic so that others can answer it. If the artist has no moderator and you can't find the answer in the Forum, you can contact Alinda, our Content Manager.


For advertising information and inquiries please contact Aisha.


Leave a message on our Facebook page or Twitter account.

Other questions

If you have tried all the resources mentioned above, but these didn't help you out, you can contact the webmaster Ray through email at or LSI messenger.