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    DJ Trajic

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    He's considered a pioneer and legend of the 90's Hard House movement. His long list of records, remixes and international appearances credits him as one of the most popular and accomplished DJ/Producers of his time. But like all pioneers, he too faced many challenges set forth in identifying his title.
    "Learning this business is no different than learning how to cross the street... you have to look both ways"

    In 1985, Carlos "Kool Kutt" Gomez began his musical journey no different than most bedroom DJs hoping to someday leave a mark in the industry. With cheap turntables and a Radio Shack (Realistic) mixer, he began to blend beats, scratches, and later incorporated sampling and editing techniques.
    "I remember buying an old dual cassette player from a garage sale and I practiced editing prerecorded mixes from legendary Chicago radio stations WBMX and WGCI. My index fingers still hurt from hitting that pause and play button so many times!!"

    In 1989, a friend persuaded Carlos to participate in a DJ battle which was being held at a local teen club (Triffany's)
    Carlos won the battle and was given his first club residency. During this residency, he had the opportunity to work alongside original Hot Mix 5 DJs, Mickey "Mixin" Oliver, Ralphie "The Razz" Rosario, Kenny "Jammin" Jason, & Mario "Smokin" Diaz. "One night, I was DJing with Ralphie at Triffany's and I wanted to let him hear some of my production, so I worked up enough courage to ask him for his phone number. He had me write it down on a napkin and the next morning I realized that he had given me the 5-8-8-2-3-0-0 Empire Carpet number... LOL!! I couldn't believe I fell for it!"

    In the early 90's Carlos' DJ career was stuck and couldn't seem to gain momentum. Unable to play the dance music politics, he switched genres and teamed up with Chicago Rap group O.C.U. Due to the group's gangster style hip hop genre, the members changed Carlos' stage name from "Kool Kutt" to DJ Tragic. While working with O.C.U. he met his mentor and super producer Peter Black. Soon after, Carlos assisted Peter on several albums including O.C.U's "Stronger Than The Mafia" on the K Tel label, and Krashman's "Black Circle" on ISLAND Records. "Needless to say, I learned a lot from Peter. I was a young kid that created sounds and loops using a seven inch reel to reel, and I had no money to upgrade my production skills. One day Peter asked me to meet him downtown Chicago where he surprised me with a gift, my first ever AKAI MPC60 drum machine! I'll never forget that day nor the emotion that it created. It was then that I set the goal to become a superstar one day"

    In 1992, Carlos veered away from the hip hop scene and continued with his interest in dance music. But first, he revised his stage name by replacing the "g" with a "j" and the wanna be house producer "DJ TRAJIC" was born. "My first track idea was called "Soul Patrol" But, I was also messing with various other tracks that would later be entitled "Orgy Trax" and feature Chicago rapper White Knight. I made those tracks with 2 megs of ram and the Numark 1775 sampler mixer. At the time, someone told me that Soul Patrol would never catch a label's ear, so I shelved it for over a year.

    In late 1993, TRAJIC met Underground Construction (UC) president Andy Adams. In 1994 UC agreed to release "Soul Patrol" and "Orgy Trax" simultaneously... both records were a success and TRAJIC took the first step in making his mark! "There will always be haters out there that won't like your tracks, but you simply need to move forward with your passion for music and stay focused on the prize... One statement that Peter always reminded me of was: the more punches you give, eventually one is gonna hit!"

    Soon after the release of Soul Patrol, TRAJIC gave birth to his mega hit "Show Me Your Face". It was at that moment that his International status began. With the release of Show Me Your Face, UC was able to establish licensing agreements with record labels in Brazil and Mexico. This allowed UC the ability to create a solid foundation for future international success. "I remember watching TV and hearing my remix of Racer X being played during the Macy's parade. Then a few weeks later hearing some of my tracks being played during televised soccer games in South America and Mexico. It's one thing to be successful in your own country, but when you hit international status... that's when it gets real cool!"

    With follow up releases like "Latinos In The House", L.A.W's "Remember The Times", Anastasia's "All Men R Dogs", Sex Krazed Superstars "Feeling Horny" and "Pants R Saggin", TRAJIC continued to bang out the hits. At times UC would release back to back TRAJIC records just to keep up with demand, while other labels waited in line with attempts to solicit a TRAJIC Chronic Remix. TRAJIC went on to produce well over 100 records and countless remixes for major artists.

    TRAJIC's influence has reflected on many top rated DJ/Producers of today and his tracks can always be heard through licensed mix compilations as well as unauthorized "tribute mixes" put together by DJ fans worldwide.
    "I still get a kick out of hearing these tribute mixes on YouTube and other social sites. These mixes bring me back to those memories when I would spend the early morning hours on the phone with Andy Adams as he hyped me up for that next release. I would lock myself in my room for days until I was done with production... then head out to UC with my DAT. (Andy Adams, I miss you brother!)

    In 2006, TRAJIC and wife Debbie launched two digital download music labels in partnership with Beatport.com.
    Nemek Music Group (Nemek): releases the harder type sound and has re-released much of TRAJIC's catalog through his Hard House Classics volumes. Nemek is also home to producers, J.D Funk of Seattle, El Paso's Statik Jumpen, Argentina's DJ Zeta, Spain's DJ Flaxx and U.S new comers the Warrior Brothers, MK Ultra and the Smakboys. Remixes have included the likes of L.A talents, Used & Abused, Rudy Rude Dog, DJ Eseal, & DJ 2H, along with Marvy Da Pimp from Paris France, and Chicago's Rick Fabris and Tommie 2 Tuff.

    Plush Recordings (Plush): releases genres like Electro, Tech House, Figit, etc. Released have included superstars like Jon Kennedy (U.S), Lars Wilhelm, Patrick Wayne, Shaman Koz, High C, Blain Austin, Kiddwrek, and involved remixes by Josh Collins, Eric Bam Bam Cea, and J.A.K Inc.

    Today, DJ TRAJIC continues to work behind the scenes and will soon launch new collabs with the Smakboys, MK Ultra, and the Warrior Bros. Selected remixes from his discography are also scheduled. "Even though the industry is now different and the demographics have shifted, I'm still very excited to be involved. Making music should be a fun process and a reflection of you! So either you like my tracks or you don't - I don't give a shit! But I can tell you this... I have a lot of fun making them!

    View the NEMEK catalog @:http://tinyurl.com/y8et25k
    View the PLUSH catalog @:http://tinyurl.com/ycjwgn8

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