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    Duncan James

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    Full name: Duncan Mathew James
    Nickname(s): 'Dunk'
    Hair colour: Light Brown / Blonde
    Eye colour: Blue
    Height: 5'11"
    Date of Birth: 07 / 04 / 79
    Star sign: Aries
    Place of Birth: Salisbury, Wilts
    Favourite band/artist: Marvin Gaye
    Favourite song: 'What's Goin On' by Marvin Gaye
    Favourite album: 'Left of the Middle' by Natalie Imbruglia
    What's in your Walkman?: 'Reservoir Dogs' film soundtrack
    Favourite book: Catcher In The Rye
    Favourite film: The Fifth Element
    Favourite meal: Any seafood
    Favourite drink: Cranberry juice
    Favourite smell: Cool water
    Favourite TV show: Friends
    Favourite actor: Brad Pitt
    Favourite football team: Arsenal
    Favourite clothes store: Levis
    Favourite colour: Red

    BORN: 7th April 1979 - 4:55am
    This is the star sign that was rising over the eastern horizon the day Duncan said "yo baby" to the world. In many ways, your ascending sign can be just as important as your main star sign and holds the key to what you can become. Duncan's ascendant is in Aquarius which means that he's attracted to any new ideas, innovations and trends and is extremely sensitive as well as being a great communicator.
    While religion and politics might not be his greatest turn on, Duncan will always strive to be one step ahead of his peers and might well be helped on his way by the sparkling originality that his rising sign bestows upon him!
    When it comes to relationships, many might think Dunc a bit too much of an idealist to really get it on, but, surprise, surprise, he attracts some of the most hot blooded and fun loving star signs in the galaxy and being the sensitive dude he is, he goes out of his way to understand each and every one of them! And, once Dunc's in love, Venus in Taurus guarantees he'll stick with his love through thick and thin... although it might take him ages to make the first move!

    According to ancient traditions, the four elements guiding Duncan (and hey, all of us) are :
    Fire for action
    Water for emotions
    Air for brainpower
    Earth for practical and creative stuff
    Here's how Duncan rates:
    Fire is strong in his profile making him an all action, dynamic kind of bloke who likes to sort out obstacles by action not words. Depending on your view you could either say he was hot headed or just a natural enthusiast.
    Watch out though, cos Duncan's a bit weak on the old Earth front which means he's not the most practical guy you're ever going to meet and he might also need the occasional nudge to remind him to take care of number one and eat, drink and exercise properly!

    (How the planets have shaped Duncan's personality)
    We've taken a fast track through Duncan's star chart to reveal just what it is that makes him do what he does, what turns him on, makes him laugh, or sparks off World War 3 in that hot head of his.
    Our Duncan's got a competitive streak a mile wide and this is because of the Sun in Aries (yeah right!). This guy's so completely fixated on fame, he doesn't really care two hoots about the fortune that might come along with it. Failure just doesn't figure in Duncan's vocab!
    He's also got tremendous leadership qualities (that's the Sun in his first house!), bags of energy, but the downside to this is that he might teeter on the brink of being a bit of a control freak at times. Duncan loves structure and order and can get a tad edgy if he feels things are slipping from his control.
    Meanwhile, if you were wondering what effect the star might have on Duncan's career, his Sun in Neptune means that his mission's always going to be to share his creative visions with as many other peeps as possible.
    Duncan adores life and just can't get enough of it. The position of the Moon in his chart reinforces his leadership qualities (and indicates he might even like to dabble in politics later in life), as well as highlighting Duncan's directness. When this guy's feeling something, he lets you know pronto. He's not the subtlest bloke on earth but all in all he's looking for a happy emotional world to put his heart and soul into.


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