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    Hank Green

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    William Henry "Hank" Green II (born May 5, 1980) is an American entrepreneur, musician, biochemist and vlogger, well known for his YouTube channel, VlogBrothers, where he regularly uploads videos along with his brother, John Green. He is also the creator of the online environmental technology blog EcoGeek, and the developer of Subbable. He is involved with several other channels on YouTube, including Crash Course, SciShow, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, The Brain Scoop, and Sexplanations.

    Green was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and his family soon moved to Orlando, Florida, where he was raised. He graduated from Winter Park High School in 1998, then earned a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Eckerd College and a Master's degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana. He currently resides in Missoula, Montana with his wife Katherine Green, their cat, Cameo, and dog, Lemon. He has chronic Ulcerative colitis, and copes with his disease well.

    From January 1 to December 31, 2007, Green and his brother John ran a video blog project titled Brotherhood 2.0. The original project ran daily for the entire year, with the premise that the brothers would cease all text-based ("textual") communication for the year and instead converse by daily video blogs, made available to the public via their YouTube channel Vlogbrothers and on their website. If, for some reason, the video was over 4 minutes or uploaded late, then punishments would be set out for the offender. The initial idea for the project was John's when, during an instant messaging conversation between the two, he pointed out they had not gone past the realms of communication via phone conversations, e-mails, and instant messaging for nearly a year.

    Recurring themes included "Nerdfighters", adding the phrase "in your pants" to the end of book titles, "Song Wednesdays", "Question Tuesdays" (these normally did not take place on a Tuesday, which led to video titles such as "Question Tuesday on Friday"), punishments for breaking the rules, clips of Hank 'humping' various items, the DFTBA initialism ('Don't Forget To Be Awesome'), and featuring intercourse between giraffes as the thumbnail for videos.

    By December 31, 2007, the brothers had decided to continue vlogging even though the project had ended.

    In 2008, John and Hank met up with their fans, known as "Nerdfighters". The first gathering was a last minute decision, but despite the short three-day notice, nearly a hundred people attended. In August, John and Hank were invited to the Google office in Chicago to talk about the project. That same day, they filled the Harold Washington Library with some four hundred young adults. Following John's tour to promote his third novel, Paper Towns, the brothers went on a national tour in November. With events in 17 different cities, they met thousands of Nerdfighters at local libraries and community centers. During this tour, Hank released his first album of Nerdfighter-themed songs, titled So Jokes.

    The Green brothers have been interviewed on PotterCast and have been recurring keynote speakers at the Harry Potter fan convention LeakyCon.

    The Brotherhood 2.0 project succeeded in its original mission. The two brothers have come to communicate more thoroughly with each other, and have a larger influence in each other's lives than before the project was initiated. The brothers talked on the phone once or twice a year before Brotherhood 2.0, but, according to Hank's wife Katherine, they now "talk almost every day."

    John and Hank continued to post vlogs every Tuesday and Friday on their channel. As of April 18, 2014, they have posted 1,170 videos. With over two million subscribers, they are the 149th most subscribed directors on the website. Their videos have been watched over 400 million times.

    In January 2012, John and Hank began new projects, YouTube web-shows "Crash Course" and "SciShow". "Crash Course" is an educational series, with weekly episodes consisting of John teaching World History, U.S. History, and Literature, and Hank teaching Biology, Chemistry, Ecology and Psychology. SciShow features Hank updating viewers on scientific knowledge and news.

    On April 9, 2012, Hank Green and co-creator, Bernie Su, premiered a new web series, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. This series is a modern adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, his wife's favorite book, and is conveyed through the form of vlogs. The series stars Ashley Clements, Mary Kate Wiles, Laura Spencer, and Julia Cho. The channel has over 160,000 subscribers, with more than 22.5 million video views. The series also bridged other online media, such as Twitter and Tumblr pages under the names of characters and entities from the series. Green was also one of the writers of the series.

    In his VlogBrothers video uploaded on December 7, 2012, Green featured Emily Graslie, a curatorial assistant at the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum. In this video, she showed Green a wide variety of specimens in the lab. Due to her ease in front of the camera, enthusiasm, and fan comments, Graslie was offered her own YouTube channel "The Brain Scoop" as a part of the Nerdfighter family. The series debuted in January 2013. Her work on the series has been described by journalists as "articulate and hilarious", as well as enthusiastic.

    More recently, Green has been working as executive producer on a new YouTube channel called "Sexplanations" with Dr. Lindsey Doe, a qualified sexologist, to try to educate people about and open up a safe space to ask questions about sex, relationships, sexuality, contraceptives, and anything else that needs to be discussed. Their first video debuted June 10, 2013, introducing Dr. Doe and opening the conversation to the world.

    In 2007, John and Hank introduced the charity project titled the Project for Awesome (P4A), a project in which YouTube users take two days, traditionally December 17 and 18, to create videos promoting charities or nonprofit organizations of their choosing. In 2012, they raised a total of $483,443, surpassing their goal of $100,000.

    VidCon is an annual conference based around online video. The conference was created by Hank Green and his brother John in response to the growing online video community. Hank states, "We wanted to get as much of the online video community together, in one place, in the real world for a weekend. It's a celebration of the community, with performances, concerts, and parties; but it's also a discussion of the explosion in community-based online video." The event draws many popular YouTube users, as well as their fans, and provides room for the community to interact. The event also contains an industry conference for people and businesses working in the online video field.

    Throughout high school and college Green created and designed websites for himself and local clients. His first project, the "Mars Exploration Page" in 1994, experienced minor success on the heels of the Mars Pathfinder Mission. Later website, IHateI4.com, brought press from local news channels and the Orlando Sentinel. Green continued as a web developer after moving to Montana for graduate school, focusing on developing websites for educational institutions (including the University of Montana) and environmental non-profit organizations.

    While in graduate school, Green created "EcoGeek", a blog focusing on technological advancements that would benefit the environment. Starting out as a class project, EcoGeek evolved into a major environmental publication. EcoGeek caught the attention of Time, where it was described as "porn for hardcore science, tech and enviro freaks". Writing about environmental issues, Green has been published on numerous environmental blogs, including Treehugger.com, Yahoo! Green, The National Geographic Green Guide, Scientific American, The Weather Channel, Planet Green, NPR and in the New York Times.

    During the mid-2000s, Green wrote regularly for Mental Floss and co-authored one of their books, Mental Floss: Scatterbrained.

    During the Brotherhood 2.0 project, Green accepted a challenge to perform bi-weekly an original song (known as "Song Wednesdays") and he has continued, though less frequently, to write, record, and perform songs since then. His songs include "I'm Gonna Kill You," "Baby, I Sold Your Dog on eBay," and "What Would Captain Picard Do?". Green's first successful song was "Accio Deathly Hallows", which was featured on YouTube's front page preceding the release of the final Harry Potter book, and has been viewed over one and a half million times.

    Green's first studio album, So Jokes, was released in 2008 and reached number 22 on the Billboard Top 25 revenue generating albums online. He has since released four other albums: I'm So Bad at This: Live! (2009), This Machine Pwns n00bs (2009), Ellen Hardcastle (2011) which was named for the winner of a 2010 charity raffle, and Incongruent (2014) with his new band, Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers. The album was released on May 7, 2014.

    In 2011, Green created "2-D" glasses, which allow one to watch 3-D movies in 2-D. The glasses were originally created for those who experience discomfort watching 3-D movies (such as Green's wife) and consist of either two right or two left lenses from a pair of regular 3-D glasses.

    DFTBA Records (an initialism for "Don't Forget to Be Awesome") is a record label that was co-founded by Green and Alan Lastufka in 2008. Its main focus is music generated by prominent YouTube stars, such as Green himself, Dave Days, Charlie McDonnell, Chameleon Circuit, Molly Lewis, Rhett and Link, VenetianPrincess, NicePeter, Jason Munday and several others. Distribution of records by DFTBA Records is largely independent; Lastufka himself generally oversaw most of the distribution during his tenure as co-owner.

    The goal of the record label, as Lastufka stated in a video on the subject, is to provide a distribution network for talented artists of YouTube and to make sure their music reaches out to the "largest audience possible." The record label claims to aid a bigger audience in connecting with the artists, and make the "YouTube experience" more lucrative, more exciting, and more fun.

    The offices of DFTBA Records were in Manhattan, Illinois, until early 2013 when they were moved to Hank's hometown of Missoula, Montana. In Illinois, the company had operated out of Lastufka's home. Upon moving to Missoula, they set up their warehouse in a small building that was formerly a preschool, but soon moved to a larger warehouse. During this time, they increased their number of employees from five to ten, and started another webseries called The Warehouse, hosted by warehouse manager Matthew Gaydos. On June 19, 2014, Lastufka announced that he had sold his entire stake in the company and resigned as president, to pursue other projects.

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