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    1The First Crusade [2007]


    Boredom sure is a mighty spur. It underpinned the existential Brando answering 'Whatcha got?' to the question 'What are you rebelling against?', when he invented rock'n'roll in the 1953 outsider classic 'The Wild One'. Two-and-a-half decades later it was the very bedrock of punk rock, with the Pistols, Clash and Buzzcocks all dissecting its powerful impact on their young, directionless lives.

    Now, as long again after-and-then-some, this same teenage constant raises its petulant head as the most obvious influence on this the debut album from Icelandic adolescent wastrels, Jakobinarina. You might have thought of Iceland as a country where everyone played a classical instrument and spoke three languages; the very picture of a modern, functional Scandinavian society. But you'd be wrong. As 'The First Crusade' duly illustrates, it's the same shit, different map ref.

    Jakobinarina come from the 'burbs, which in Hafnarfjordur, a few kilometers outside Reykjavik, is pretty much like the 'burbs anywhere else in the Western world. Corners and cul-de-sacs, McJobs, no money, no car and too little action. While some folks no doubt do learn to paint or write symphonies to while away the long winter nights, Jakobinarina coil themselves up into a ball of frustration and then channel it into the best melodic punk rock tunes currently being made anywhere in the North Atlantic, or beyond.

    From these tightly-wound youths - who often seem the very picture of surly indifference with dead-eyed stares and monosyllabic answers – comes an amazingly fresh and invigorating sound that, borne of going nowhere, paradoxically ends up both liberated and liberating.

    In this regard 'The First Crusade' is pure escapism. In any regard 'The First Crusade' is pure escapism. From the title to the jaunty 'Leave this island for good' chorus of 'His Lyrics Are Disastrous', Jakobinarina make no bones about their desire to go somewhere, anywhere, else, in order to make their mark.

    Finding a portal to a better place via loud electric guitars is, of course, nothing new, but Jakobinarina play everything – Sixties garage, ramalamma punk, surf - like they've just invented it for the first time, and it is mightily infectious.

    The thing, however, that marks Jakobinarina apart from any other for-kicks neighbourhood band is their effortless gift for hooks and melody. They could listen to a steady diet of the hardest hardcore, and still everything they wrote would be stuffed with memorable riffs and naggingly insistent keyboard lines. Almost everything on 'The First Crusade' could be a single. Even when on 'Call For Advice' they write three songs in one, they still manage to end on a once-heard-never-forgotten ba-da-ba-dah! Ensemble sing-a-long.

    In a time when music made by teenagers is meant to be the thing, it is amazing how few of the people making it actually sound like teenagers. By keeping it fast and primal, Jakobinarina make most of their contemporaries sound like the mimsy, Genesis-fixated, stage school fakes they no doubtless are. 'Jump around to the sound of mediocrity' suggest Jakobinarina with withering condescension towards pretty much everyone.

    Like all the best debut albums, 'The First Crusade' arrives fully-formed and without warning, making you feel instantly out of touch while at the same time redefining what you want music to do to you. It is anthemic, angry, swaggering, full of conviction, and most of all ALIVE! Now, whatcha got?

    'The First Crusade' is released by Regal on October 1

    Jakobinarina are:
    Gunnar (vocals), Heimir (guitar), Hallberg (guitar), Bjorgvin (bass), Agust (keyboards) and Sigurdur (drums).

    Monday I'm In Vain
    His Lyrics Are Disastrous
    Call For Advice
    End Of Transmission NO. 6
    Sleeping In Seattle
    I've Got A Date With My Television
    This Is An Advertisement
    I'm A Villain
    Nice Guys Don't Play Good Music
    Spit Me In The Eye

    Jakobinarina: worth crossing the road for...

    But in 2008, Jakobinarina split releasing that one album.

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