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    Lucille Ball

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    Genre:Jazz, Musical
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    (Lucille Ball 1911-1989)

    Lucille Ball is one of the most famous American Hollywood Actress of all time. She is best known for being in movies including "Roman Scandals" 1933, "Dance, Girl, Dance" "Lover Come Back" 1946 "Ziegfeld Follies" 1947 "The Long, Long Trailer" 1954, "Yours, Mine and Ours" 1968 "Mame" 1974 and "Stone Pillow" 1985
    She is also best known for her "I Love Lucy" 1951-1957, "The Carol Burnett Show" "The Lucy Show" 1962-1968, "Here's Lucy 1968-1974 and "Life With Lucy" 1986.

    (Early Childhood years)

    Lucy was born on August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York USA. to both Christian parents. In 1915 an epidemic of the Typhoid fever disease spread around and it killed her father leaving her with a widowed mother. She remembered watching a bird getting trapped inside her house and she was afraid of birds for the rest of her life. Later on she moved to Celoron, New York living with her brother, mother and her grandparents. Lucy enjoyed going to Celoron Park and had fun over there watching shows at the theater, going on rollercoaster rides.

    In 1919 her mother remarried to Edward Peterson and they were looking for work so they sent Lucille and her brother to live with her Guardian grandparents. They were strict and they forbid mirrors in the house and punished Lucille for looking at herself in a mirror. Later on in 1923 Edward Peterson encouraged Lucy to attend the Choir of the Shriner and Lucy realized the talent she has and wanted to be in the spotlight of the pubic.

    (Teenage Years)

    In 1925 Lucy started dating her first boyfriend Johnny DeVita but DeDe didn't like it and decided to separate Lucy by sending her to a Drama class at John Murray Anderson School in New York. Lucy met Bettie Davis a classmate who would later on be in Hollywood movies. Lucy learned that all the drama classes taught her was to be scared. Lucy then returned home. But her family had been in legal trouble with the law when a neighborhood boy was shot and paralyzed and her family was kicked out of their house and they had to move in an small apartment. She was in the silent movie "Tillie the Toiler" 1926 where she played a minor role in the film.

    (Hollywood Acting Career years 1928-1986)

    Then in 1928 Lucy decided to return to New York City and prove her teachers wrong about her talent searched for a job. fashion model for Hattie Carnegie. But she became sick and eventually returned home. Then in 1932 she returned once more to New York and worked for the Chesterfield cigarette company advertising cigarettes by smoking cigarettes on billboards and magazines. Lucy also tried to get work on Broadway by singing in the chorus but it wasn't lasting.

    Then in 1933 she permanently moved to Hollywood California to act in movies in minor roles including "The Bowery", "Roman Scandels" 1933, "Three Little Pigskins" 1934 with the Three Stooges and "Room Service" 1938 with the Marx Brothers "Top Hat", "The Three Musketeers" 1935, and many other 1930s movies where she played a minor role in the Hollywood movies. She also appeared in a Broadway comedy play called "Hey Diddle Diddle" in New Jersey. After the play got good reviews one of the actors Conway Tearle became ill and eventually the showing of the play In Washington DC was cancelled.

    In the 1940s Lucy signed a contract with MGM that she would work in the movies but during that time she struggled to find success. Lucy played in the movie "Dance, Girl, Dance" 1940 where she got to sing and dance to songs including "Jitterbug Bite" and "Mother, What Do I Do Now?" In 1940 she married her first husband Desi Arnaz and would remain with him until their divorce in 1960. She also was in the radio shows including "The Phil Baker Show", "The Wonder Show" to make money. She met Gale Gordon who would later act in "The Lucy Show". Lucy was chosen to be in the Broadway musical "DuBarry Was a Lady", She also was in the movie "Lover Come Back"

    When Lucille Ball sang in movies, her singing was often dubbed by another woman singer with Virginia Rees "Easy to Wed" 1946- "Continental Polka", and also with Annette Warren in "Sorrowful Jones" 1949- "Havin' a Wonderful Wish (Time You Were Here)", "Fancy Pants" 1950- "Fancy Pants", "Home Cookin'" and many other Musical movies.

    ("I Love Lucy" Franchise years 1951-1986 years)

    In 1948 Lucy Appeared in a radio show called "My Favorite Husband" with her husband Desi Arnaz for the CBS TV company. The show was successful that they asked Lucy to produce a TV show, she agreed but insisted she work with her husband. The CBS staff were at first skeptical when Lucy and her husband produced a pilot episode. Lucy and Desi decided to go on a tour to show people the episode. The tour was a success and CBS company allowed Lucy to make her first TV show ever called "I Love Lucy"

    The hit comedy TV show "I Love Lucy" was a big success which was well received by both TV critics and fans of the "I Love Lucy" show It had 7 seasons before ending it's run. During that time she became the first woman to run the production company Desilu. The comedy show "I Love Lucy" had Lucy perform her comedy stunts in front of a live audience on set. Lucy and Desi had to move to New York to be able to show "I Love Lucy" on prime time. During that time she starred in the movie "The Long, Long Trailer" 1954 with Desi, the movie became a box office success and she was also in "Forever, Darling" 1956.

    (Marriage and Divorce)

    Lucy married Desi Arnaz in 1940 and they both worked together in being in the "I Love Lucy" TV show. Then in 1951 Lucy was pregnant with her first child and was expecting a baby girl and had it written in the "I Love Lucy" show. Later on in 1953 she had her baby boy in the show as well.
    After the "I Love Lucy" show was over Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz was dealing with the amount of stress with running the Desilu company.

    In 1960 Lucy Divorced Desi and Desi gave Lucy all the power to run the Desilu which put a lot of stress on her.

    In 1961 she married Gary Morton her second husband and would be her husband until her death in 1989.

    (Later Acting Years)

    After the "I Love Lucy" TV show ended in 1957. Lucille appeared in the Broadway play "Wildcat" and sang the song "Hey, Look Me Over" with Paula Stewart even performing on "The Ed Sullivan Show", She also appeared in the second TV series called "The Lucy Show" which was also successful for 7 seasons before it ended. Lucy was also in the movie "Yours, Mine and Ours" in 1968. She also was a guest star in "The Carol Burnett Show"

    Lucy also appeared in the third TV show called "Here's Lucy" which ran for 6 seasons. It was around the time in 1972 when Lucy suffered a skiing accident and broke her leg and put it in a cast which almost cancelled her TV show but she worked around it by having her character have her leg in cast. Then in 1974, "Here's Lucy" ended and she was in the movie musical "Mame" 1974 which has flopped at box office.
    She also appeared in one TV episode called "The Practice".

    Lucy appeared in TV movies including "Happy Anniversary and Goodbye", "Lucy Gets Lucky", "Three for Two", "What Now, Catherine Curtis?", "Lucy Calls the President". Then in 1985, Lucy appeared in her final TV movie called "Stone Pillow" 1985.

    (Final Acting Years)

    In 1986 Lucy made a forth final comeback in the TV show "Life With Lucy" which lasted one season appearing with the actor Gale Gordon. She was in 13 episodes and the TV Show became a critical failure due to negative reviews by both TV critics and fans of "I Love Lucy" due to the old age and performing comedy stunts which made audiences nervous. After the filming was done Gale Gordon told her the bad news that her TV show was cancelled. Lucy took this very hard and was upset, sad and heartbroken that she felt that she was no longer wanted by anyone. She retired and lived for 3 more years. She appeared on the academy awards show with Bob Hope and it would be her final appearance on TV.

    (Lucille Balls Death)

    On April 18, 1989 Lucille Ball developed chest pain and was rushed to the Hospital at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center when she had aortic aneurysm. She had open heart surgery. She recovered for a week but then she had severe back pain and fell into a coma and later died on April 26, 1989. from aortic rupture.

    The news of Lucille Balls death was reported on the News and fans of Lucy paid tribute to Lucy. Lucy's body was cremated.

    (Lucille Balls Legacy)

    Lucy will be remembered for being the first woman to be successful at comedy in "I Love Lucy" On June 7, 1990, Universal Studios Florida opened up a museum called "Lucy - A Tribute". Lucille Balls "I Love Lucy" show is remembered as the greatest comedy TV show of all time.

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