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    Lyfe Jennings

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    Genre:Gospel, Soul, R&B
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    Real name: Chester "Lyfe" Jennings. Born June 3, 1973 in Toledo, Ohio. Raised in Toledo.

    Early Life:
    Lyfe began singing at a young age in a church choir in his hometown of Toledo. He later joined a group called The Dotsons with two of his cousins and his older brother, Jay. The group separated in the early 1990s. In February 1993 he was arrested on drug charges. In October of the same year, when he was 19, Lyfe was sentenced to a 10-year prison term on arson charges. During his time in an Ohio prison, Lyfe discovered Erykah Badu's 1997 album, Baduizm, and it rekindled his love for music.

    Prison and The Apollo:
    Lyfe began playing music in prison and even started a prison music program. Jennings was released from prison in December 2002 and pursued a music career. In January 2003, he performed on amateur night at the famous Showtime at The Apollo in Harlem, New York. Although he was booed when he walked onstage, he eventually won the crowd over and eventually won five amateur night victories in a row. Later in 2003, Lyfe independently released a four-song EP, What Is Love. He eventually moved from Toledo to New York City to further pursue a music career, and wound up signing with Columbia Records.

    Lyfe's debut album, Lyfe 268-192 in August 2004 (268-192 had been his inmate number). The album's first single was "Stick Up Kid," which was only moderately successful. It wasn't until the album's second single, "Must Be Nice," was released that the album finally took off and became a hit. Jennings' second album The Phoenix, was released in August 2006 and debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's album chart and No. 2 on the top 200 album's chart. The first single, "S.E.X.," about a pubescent teenage girl dealing with her hormones, becaume a moderate hit on the R&B charts.

    "Phoenix" Rising:
    The Phoenix had a sizeable Hip-Hop influence: among the guest performers on the album were the rappers Three 6 Mafia, Young Buck and Project Pat. The album also contains a cover of 2Pac's "Keep Ya Head Up." 2008 saw a shift in Lyfe's music: no longer content to be critically acclaimed, he made a concerted effort to appeal more to the mainstream on his third album, Lyfe Change. However, no big hits came from the album and sales dipped in comparison with The Phoenix. In October 2008 Lyfe was arrested on various charges, including possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, allegedly stemming from a domestic dispute.
    "I think that commercial success is a product of street level success. But people who strictly concentrate on commercial success, once it's gone they have nothing. But the people who build from the street level always have something to come back to, a loyal fan-base means a lot." -- Lyfe Jennings, as told to the Just Soul website, November, 2005.

    2010: I Still Believe.
    2008: Lyfe Change.
    2006: The Phoenix.
    2004: Lyfe 268-192.

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    •  guest says:
      pop out
       jackpot2 says:
      008-06-2014 22:39
      Love you lyfe.
       bdeszi27 says:
      024-10-2010 03:33
      As for me personally....I feel that Lyfe Jennings not only sings wonderfully but entertains one with soul founding music. I have always dreamed about meeting him and never got to experience what he was trying to give the world...until the album called "Phoenix".

      I loved this album and even went back to his earlier music. WHile I may be the first and only to comment...Lyfe reminds me of a real brother...someone who knows what is like to be on both sides of the gate.
       Trina_Maria says:
      005-08-2007 03:59
      OMG when i first heard this song i was really feelin the beat ....and then i actually listened to the lyrics.....omg this song is so good....i even let my grandmother listen to it...she reall likes it (and she is very religious) she's christian.. it sends out a positive message so thaz probably the closest i will get to playing so called "secular" music in her house...lolz but im not mad cuz that song was hot. (thank God i dont live with her) and again, THAT BEAT GOES HELLA HARD!! i love it! i never get tired of this song![
       xcr4zyx says:
      013-05-2007 04:43
      Some girl at work complained that this song is raunchy, but it really isnt. if you actually read the lyrics or watch the vid. its amazing. i love mr. jennings
       babyblue918 says:
      022-01-2007 22:51
      omg i love this song i made my little sisters listen to it and it makes me think of my little girl and it makes me really think i wisha song like this would ofbeen around when i was little it would've stopped me! this song has such a serious important message little girls need to hear
       mzparadise84 says:
      004-01-2007 00:09
      [b][i]This is one of the best songs he made! He always gets better and this one topped the last!
       hellokitty says:
      017-12-2006 17:49
      This song is givin the RIGHT messege to all the girls
      002-12-2006 04:15
      [lyrics=]Lyfe Talking:
      Hey yo you...now see most cats would take advantage of you right now
      But I aint gonna do that
      I'ma give you the game right
      I'ma give it to you because
      I would want somebody to give my little girl the game
      When she done found her S-E-X

      VERSE 1
      Life's a trip
      Heard you just turned 17 and finally got some hips
      Hustla's on the block go crazy when you lick your lips
      But they just want relations they don't want relationships
      Welcome to the real world
      It aint the same
      Fellas old enough to be yo daddy know your name
      Everybody's talkin about how much that girl done changed
      Can't quite put your finger on it but you it's feelin' strange
      LIke it's fire in your veins

      Girl that's just ur S-E-X
      Mama's secret
      And daddy's gon' go crazy when he finds out that his baby
      Found her S-E-X
      Take a deep breath
      and think before you let it go

      VERSE 2
      The block is paved
      Baby got an attitude and proud da holla back
      Mama's givin advice but she aint tryin to hear that
      Not because it's wrong, just her delivery is whack
      "Shaye get yo behind in this house
      If I see you with another boy I swear..."
      Life is rough
      You say that you're not ready for sex but you're in love
      He says if you really loved him you would give it up
      Mama says thats just a line guys use to get yo stuff
      Which one will you trust


      BRIDGE [LaLa Brown]
      Aye yo Lyfe, she might take it better comin from a woman
      See he'll tell you all kind of things to get in your pants, yeah
      Baby it's a fact that once it's gone you'll never get it back
      Hold on to your innocence, use ur common sense, you're worth waiting for
      Be strong, honey don't give in, blessings come with patience
      Till we meet again I'm prayin for you

       anniepuppy says:
      013-11-2006 21:09
      dude me and my friend both love this song... the both of of just wishh that it had can out a lil sooner when we found our s-e-x... naney
       xstupidgirlx says:
      008-11-2006 00:46
      This song is so sad
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