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    Genre:Pop, Rock
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    Biography - The story of 雅

    雅-MIYAVI- (real name: 石原貴雅, Takamasa Ishihara) was born September 14th 1981 in Konohana-ku, Osaka, Japan. 雅-MIYAVI- is only half Japanese, his father being second-generation Zainichi Korean.

    When he was young 雅-MIYAVI- focused mostly on soccer and his dream was to become a professional soccer player. However, at age 15 he got injured and he was forced to give up this dream. Having nothing to do he and inspired by his friends that started playing musical instruments 雅-MIYAVI- bought himself a guitar, even though at first he was planning on buying a bass guitar. The first time he played the guitar he knew he'd become a professional musician, he could see himself on stage with a guitar. It became his life goal.

    When 雅-MIYAVI- was 17 a good friend of his passed away suddenly. He didn't want to stay in Osaka without him so he dropped out of high school and left to Tokyo with just a little money, his cell phone, cigarettes and a guitar. In Tokyo he was offered lots of opportunities in modelling but finding them suspicious he refused them all. After he'd almost given up hope and decided to return to Osaka he ran into a member of Dué le Quartz and the evening before his departure he became their newest and also youngest band member.

    Dué le Quartz

    In 1999 雅-MIYAVI- joined the band Dué le Quartz, replacing their old guitarist Ken under the name Miyabi. Even though he was the youngest member he composed most of the songs and wrote a lot of the band's lyrics. On February 14th, on valentines day, they played their first live together.

    Even though the band started getting more and more successful 雅-MIYAVI- felt there were was a wide gap between his goal, and the other band members. Such thoughts started getting him depressed and he became unable to compose or write any lyrics. Feeling that this had to change, he cancelled all his jobs and left for Okinawa, as far away as he could get. He spent the night at the beach and the next morning he felt as if all his worries had disappeared. He'd decided to go back and continue with the band and he got his first tattoo (There is only one me under heaven and earth). But even after all of this, nothing changed within the band and only a few months later, in June 2002 Dué le Quartz came to an end. The day after the break-up 雅-MIYAVI- announced the start of his solo-career and changed his name from Miyabi to Miyavi


    After leaving Dué le Quarz 雅-MIYAVI- didn't sit still. Immediately he signed a solo contract at PS Company (the same label Dué le Quartz had been under) and in 4 months on October 31st his first solo album Gagaku was released.
    Only one year later 雅-MIYAVI-'s second album Galyuu was released in December 2003 and positioned number 1 on the Japanese Oricon Indies Chart.
    During his Indies period his fanclub the Co Miyavi Rengou was also founded and the first fanclub trip was held in August 2004 at the Tokyo Dome.

    In October 2004 雅-MIYAVI- signed with Universal J and went Major. To celebrate this he played his Last indies live concert at a sold out Budokan.

    Major debut

    雅-MIYAVI- debuted his major career by releasing the single ROCK no gyakushuu ~Super star no jouken~. A surprising move that shows that, even though 雅-MIYAVI- is now signed to Universal J, he definitely won't stop rocking. The album miyavizm was released next and after that followed the almost simultaneous release of the different and pop-sounding albums MYV★POPS and miyabiuta ~dokusou~. The album MYV★POPS contained 7 consecutive top 10 smash hit singles. The albums showed a huge growth in 雅-MIYAVI-'s musical ability. For his 25th birthday 雅-MIYAVI- held a 5 constitutive day concert including a fanclub live. For the lives he worked together with various artists like a DJ, beat boxer, tap dancer and percussionists. This would be the start of the future Kabuki Rock style.

    After his birthday lives he put his career to a complete stop to study English in the United States. Even though 雅-MIYAVI- found the experience useful he's mentioned that the half year break hadn't had any influence on him as an artist. Besides studying English he used his time in the USA to give spontaneous street lives to find out if his music would be appreciated by people who didn't know him too.

    Kabuki Rock

    雅-MIYAVI- returned home with renewed inspiration and in July 2007 he released the single Sakihokoru Hana no You ni ~Neo Visualizm~ album which officially marked the start of his new neo visual kei style. The album 7 SAMURAI SESSIONS ~We're KAVKI BOIZ~ which included several remakes of previously released songs was released shortly after. For both single and the album he worked together with a group of artists he'd met both in Japan and in the USA now called KAVKI BOIZ or kabuki boys.

    In the same month his first concert overseas was held in Bonn, Germany at July 29th. The venue held only 2000 people and high demand had caused a load of fake tickets to be sold. Even though the venue wouldn't let the fake ticket holders in. 雅-MIYAVI- felt it was unfair and convinced the venue to let the fake ticket holders in anyway, Because they paid for it, and he ended up playing for a crowd that by far exceeded the maximum capacity of the venue.

    Around the same time, in June 2007 it was also announced at jrock revolution that 雅-MIYAVI- had joined the super group S.K.I.N. together with Yoshiki, GACKT and SUGIZO. The band was short lived though and seized activities after only one concert at the anime expo. Even if there wasn't an official break up, there hasn't been any news of renewed activities and all band members referred to Yoshiki when asked about the band's activities.

    In the year 2008 in March This Iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock was released. This album continued with the Neo Visualizm or Kabuki Rock theme. The album was followed soon with a world tour including many lives in the USA, South America, Europe and Asia. During the world tour a compilation album including 2 new songs was released. After 雅-MIYAVI-'s first world tour he went trough a complete style change and he took out his trademark piercings, claiming not to need them anymore to boost his confidence. A few months later a remix album was released and in January 2009 雅-MIYAVI- celebrated his 10th year at PS Company. Shortly after though he announced his graduation from PS Company, first to his fanclub members and later publicly. He felt that he needed to be independent to grow further and he left the company on April 5th.


    During the world tour he met the talk show hostess and ex-pop singer Melody at his appearance in her show J melo. On March 26th, 2009 Tokyo graph reported their marriage. 雅-MIYAVI- himself commented on the issue trough his blog, confirming the rumours and stating he'd further comment on it during his graduation concert at April 5th. Due to contract reasons he wasn't able to announce it properly while still under PS Company.

    During his last concert under PS Company on April 5th 雅-MIYAVI- properly announced his marriage to Melody and that they were expecting a baby next summer. Three days later his own management company J-Glam was launched. Soon after the fanclub was recreated under the new name C.W.I.F. (Co-miyavi worldwide international family), which would open for overseas members in September, and the newly recorded song SuperHero became available for free download on the SNS site Myspace as a present for his fans.

    On July 29th 雅-MIYAVI-'s daughter was born. She was named Lovelie, written with the Japanese characters for love (愛) and reason (理) in Japanese.

    Around the same time the dates for 雅-MIYAVI-'s second world tour were announced. The tour would include the same countries as the first tour plus a many additional countries like Hungary, Italy, Austria and Mexico. The tour was the biggest international tour ever performed by a Japanese Visual Kei artist. Unfortunately, due to health problems after an accident on stage in Toulouse, France 雅-MIYAVI- was forced to cancel the North-American part of the tour and return to Japan to seek medical attention.

    Just a few weeks after returning 雅-MIYAVI- already got back to work and entered the studio to record the new song he'd written during the world tour. At the same time he also got busy finishing the Asian part of the world tour. The new song named SURVIVE Was released onto his youtube account in March 2010 and in the same month the first fanclub trip of the C.W.I.F. would also take place in Okinawa.

    EMI Music

    After the European and South American part of his 2009 world tour, 雅-MIYAVI- left his producing label Universal J and on March 23rd he signed with EMI Music. Soon after SURVIVE was released in USB format as 雅-MIYAVI-'s first single under the new label. Later the Japanese leg of the NEO TOKYO SAMURAI BLACK tour took place and, in June, 雅-MIYAVI- also returned to the the USA and Canada to finish the rescheduled American leg of the tour.

    In summer a mini tour was held in Tokyo, featuring 12 lives in small livehouses in Tokyo. This tour, called Screaming out from Tokyo was entirely streamed online for those who could not attend the concerts. The setlists contained mainly songs from his new album WHAT'S MY NAME? released the fallowing October.

    雅-MIYAVI-'s second daughter was born prematurely on the 21st of October. Soon after he revealed her name to be Jewelie Aoi Ishihara, written in Japanese as 希理, meaning reason of hope.

    As 2010 came to an end, 雅-MIYAVI- started announcing dates for a new tour, WHAT'S MY NAME 2011 that would cover Japan and an amazing 21 dates in Europe.

    With the prospect of a fresh tour to promote the new raw and powerful sound of his latest album, 雅-MIYAVI- started off 2011 by releasing WHAT'S MY NAME ep, a collaboration between him and various amazing bass artists signed under the EMI record label such as Ken Ken, Tokie or Miya.

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