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    Nb Ridaz / Lyrics

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    "Notice Me" Lyrics

    Nb Ridaz feat. Angelina

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    (I wanna let you know that I'll always love you baby..)

    Sometimes I think about everything that we've been through (come on)
    And I pray that you would just open your eyes
    I love you (I love you too, girl)
    And I need you (And I need you too)
    So please dont throw our love away...
    (Forget me, girl)

    [Nb Ridaz]
    Since the day you and I snuck away to be alone
    I knew from that night something special went on
    It must have been the first kiss, you told me that
    Nobody else in the world made you feel this
    I felt the same way too, but nothing stays the same
    Im sorry for the tears Im sorry for the pain
    You were the one that always made things right
    I promise you this though you got a friend for life
    Maybe one day we can try it again
    And maybe things can be a little different
    So lets just kiss and say good bye
    Cuz I really cant stand the pain to seein' you cry..

    I've given everything
    I loved you endlessly
    But when it comes to me
    You don't even notice me

    [Nb Ridaz]
    All that is mine is yours thats what I said
    Treat you with love and respect in every way
    You want it I gave, you need me I was there
    Now you treat me like if Im not here
    I loved you and I need you, dont wanna let go
    If you want somebody else please let me know
    Can't take it no more, I feel Im dyin inside
    Is this the price I pay for handing you my life
    I know I'm not perfect but I truly cared
    So if you wake up one morning and Im not there
    Just rembemer I loved you, it will never be the same
    Gave you everything and you threw it all away

    I've given everything
    I loved you endlessly
    But when it comes to me
    You don't even notice me

    [Nb Ridaz]
    I gave you my good and my bad, my heart and my soul
    My trust, my money, my time, what more could you ask
    From a man even when times were hard I held out my arms
    And held you and even accepted you through whatever weather
    But now I feel it we're at the end of the road
    Whatever we had now I gotta let go nights like this
    I wish rain drops would fall to cover my tears
    Wishing I could replace all those wasted years of loving someone
    Who couldnt love me back and now again
    I gotta start from scratch but I know
    I've given you my everything

    I've given everything
    I loved you endlessly
    But when it comes to me
    You don't even notice me
    This song was last modified on January 13th, 2010.
    Thanks to *La*ShyGirl* and mun. for the contribution to this song.
    Copyright with Lyrics © Emi Music Publishing.
    Written by Robert Manuel Clivilles, David Byron cole.
    Lyrics licensed by LyricFind.

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    •  guest says:
      pop out
       FactiOn says:
      006-11-2006 19:47
      what i call a love song ,
      what i call a beautiful song,
      what i call a perfect song,

      -never--wrong !
       cHruZty says:
      028-04-2006 14:51
      luv this s0ng!!!!!!!!!!!

      and itz tru f0r me

      i listen t0 this all the time...

      s0 i can secretly admire s0me0ne...

      l0l! i luv this s0ng!!
       Briituh says:
      016-08-2005 19:47
      I first heard this on 102.7 Kiis FM and i especially notice that great great chorus. Then i downloaded it and i'm listening it couple of times more and yeah,i really can agree with the lyrics.They are so true. And of course,Angelina's part is the best in this song. Absolutely great R&B song.
       ConfusedGirl says:
      010-08-2005 18:49
      oh yeah does anyone know where i can listen to it online???
       ConfusedGirl says:
      010-08-2005 18:48
      i only heard a clip of this song but i can totally relate to it and i love it
       ah_Sa says:
      003-08-2005 02:57
      this songs so RnB i luv angelina's part, its very good!
       i0pk says:
      026-07-2005 10:41
      goddamn... these lyrics.. just hit me in the heart man.. fucking right here in my heart.. sigh... props to these guys..
       cookie_08 says:
      017-07-2005 22:15
      I love this song.. it related to me back then but now i have a boyfreind on monday its gonna be 1 week.
       Kristina_ says:
      014-05-2005 03:51
       BrE_rUles says:
      013-05-2005 22:42
      Do ne of ya no were i can lstn 2 it online[b][i] [topic=][artist=][lyrics=]
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