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    NBS / Lyrics

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    "Hi Haters" Lyrics


    [Hook: E Straight]
    I tell my haters hello
    The way I rap in the studio
    Make ya go woah!
    Yea this guy I rap
    Haters need to shut they trap
    Before they get with a lyrical attack

    [Verse 1: Diversify:]

    Back on this shit bout to tear it up
    Haters come and hate and don't even front

    Ya'll niggas ready to say this nigga suck
    It's all good ur hate is my energy
    I turn negative into positive ya see
    You know that's love deep down subconsciously
    But ya ego never gonna give that up
    Hatin 24/7 man you must be tough
    Just sit down and learn to shut the fuck up
    How does he do it/ how do we keep up
    Is he really gone? is it safe for us to speak up
    Nah I ain't goin nowhere/ just chillin with my feet up
    I been hearin niggas sayin ain't shit
    Got a problem with me then put yours in a diss
    Cause my lyrical content
    Will diminish ya nonsense
    Then niggas gonna be strong is hit shit
    Nigga don't believe me you can ask my bitch
    HI haters/ take my dick out ya mouth that shit ain't no now and later
    Stop spittin that wack shit/ do rap my line a favor

    I run this shit/ like im the administrator
    Only posted 2 raps nigga already getting hatin/
    Cause my bars 151 with no chaser/
    Not wastin time on these lames/ this shit not really major
    Don't get mad at me cause you suck/ nigga blame ya creator/ that's ya mom and ya dad
    You niggas only Rihanna hard what a bunch of fuckin fags

    [Verse 2: 50 Cal z]

    Hi haters/ see ya later
    Cause I'mma send up flyin into space
    Get outta this place
    Your just bitches/ get cut up put in stitches
    Ditches/ wipe your fuckin face with the rag and I get the riches
    You gonna shit your britches/ burned ya bridges
    Your London ass is fallin down
    Terrorist attack goin down like the dow
    Pussy gonna be sayin me-ow

    Cause you gonna get hurt
    Better stay alert/ comin at ya with double 44's
    I put 88 bars can go more
    Till my voice is sore/ and hoarse
    You ain't a horse/ but a jackass/ pin the tail on ya watch my shots blast
    Cause every hater can die/ fuckin no good no lie/ im gonna bury you all alive

    [Verse 3: Lil Oki]
    Hi haters what goin on
    Motha fuckas thinkin your so strong/well your wrong
    Hater just mad cause you can't rap this long
    But I fuck it more shit I can thnk about when I hit the bong
    I am oki/ haters can't smoke me
    Im to potent/if u so good why dont u show it
    Just wait for the moment/ill be glowin
    Like radiation on a occasion
    Lifes good with haters/they just keep me goin
    Like when you rowing a boat/or a winter coat
    Heat off of me/no mo cops chasing me
    So hi haters go suck it/remember your bitch is what im fuckin

    [Verse 4: E straight]

    Hi haters/imma see ya later
    Actin all negative and dark like darth vader you don't wanna be alone on my elevator
    Actin like a rookie/imma be your trainer
    Imma hit you like an asteroid and leave a crater/imma be lord so call me the creator
    I chomp on you like a gator
    Time to change the flow
    Callin you a millimeter Peter
    Get out before I shoot you wit my heater
    You ain't never lost blood/well I lost a liter
    You over rated like Derrick jeter/usin steroids what a cheater
    I play fair/and you a wife beater
    I'm on top call me leader
    A real g/ call me a cocky MC
    Yea thats me/deserve girls wit double d's
    But those types cost fees
    So thts why I gotta act like a flea
    Bein all over you and you can't even see
    All I wanna do is be me/ so thts what I'mma be/
    So please understand/I deserve respect and people following my command cause I
    Should control all of you
    But instead you follow tht triangle with the eye
    Sorry but if I say
    Anymore I'll go bye bye
    That's kinda why I act so shy
    Trying to keep all these secrets inside/ /now I'm just
    Trying to waste time/ my garbage is full of clocks/ if you guys really hate me that bad/then
    Give me some bullets and a Glock/ so I can lock and load and last thing to do is blow

    We might even sing this at ur funeral/ ass fuck go to hell you nasty ass night cell!
    This song was submitted on November 28th, 2016.
    Lyrics licensed by LyricFind.

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