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    Nobuo Uematsu

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    Genre:Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal, Latin
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    Nobuo Uematsu is a well known video game composer who's music is well known for making the instrumental music to Final Fantasy main series especially for the music to the Nintendo games of Final Fantasy 1 NES, Final Fantasy 4 SNES, Final Fantasy 6 SNES, and later on in the Final Fantasy 1-6 Playstation, Gameboy advance and DS remakes. He also contributed to Final Fantasy Adventure and Super Mario RPG SNES, and contributed to Final Fantasy 10-14, including Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. His well known songs are "Aria di Mezzo Carattere" From Final Fantasy 6, "One Windged Angel" from Final Fantasy 7, "Eyes on Me" from Final Fantasy 8, "Otherworld" from Final Fantasy 10, Kiss me Goodbye from "Final Fantasy 12, "Crazy Chocobo" from Final Fantasy 13-2.

    Nobuo Uematsu was born on March 21, 1959 in Kouchi City, Japan. When Nobuo was 12 years old he started to play the piano all by himself without any help from piano teachers.

    Nobuo was influenced by The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John who's his favorite music artist. Originally Nobuo wanted to be a wrestler but wasn't able to get into the wrestling career so he pursued the music career instead.

    Nobuo Uematsu went to college at Kanagawa University in Japan and graduated from there played in music bands, wrote music for the Japanese commercial ads, later on he got a job at the music rental store in Tokyo.

    Then in 1985 a friend of Nobuo from the Squaresoft era days approched Nobuo and asked him to work for Squaresoft which he accepted and it would be Nobuo Uematsu turning point in his music career and would spend the rest of his life at Squaresoft and then Square-enix from 2003 to the present.

    Nobuo Uematsus first Nintendo music was Kings Knights NES, then he also wrote other NES music for Mystery Quest, Rad Racer 1, Then in 1987 he wrote the NES music for Final Fantasy which saved Squaresoft from bankruptcy and would make music for later Final Fantasy games, People in America and Europe were introduced to Final Fantasy 1 NES which became a success to the American and European gamers. Later on he made the soundtrack to Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy 3 which never got released in the USA and Europe until 2003, 2004 with the Final Fantasy 1-2 game included in the Playstation and gameboy advance remake and 2006 Nintendo DS game of Final Fantasy 3. He also made music for Rad Racer 2.

    Then in 1989 Nobuo Uematsus would compose gameboy music for Final Fantasy Legend 1 and Final Fantasy Legend 2 (Known as the Saga series) and contributed to Final Fantasy Adventure (Known as Seiken Densetsu 1)

    Then in 1991 Nobuo Uematsus would make Final Fantasy 4 music for Super Nintendo (Final Fantasy 2 in the USA) and the game became a success among Final Fantasy fans in the USA and Europe. Nobuo make the music to Final Fantasy 5 in 1992 which didn't make it on the USA SNES and Final Fantasy fans had to wait until 1999 when it was released on Final Fantasy Anthology along with Final Fantasy 6 and then on Gameboy advance in 2006. Then in 1994 Nobuo composed the music to Final Fantasy 6 a Super Nintendo game (Final Fantasy 3 in the USA) which was considered to be one the greatest SNES games of all time. He also helped out with Chrono Trigger music in 1995 SNES game and Super Mario RPG for the Nintendo company in 1996 both games considered to be the greatest SNES games.

    Then in 1997 Nobuo Uematsus would make Final Fantasy 7 music for both the PC and Playstation 1 including "One Winged Angel" considered the greatest game among Final Fantasy fans and video game critics. also the most expensive Final Fantasy game to be developed by Squaresoft at the time of the USA and Europe release and the first to be aimed at teenagers and young adults. Later on The Final Fantasy fans and critics would demand Square Enix for a Final Fantasy 7 remake which has finally been announced in 2015 He also composed Front Mission: Gun Hazard only for Japan.

    Later on in 1999 Nobuo Uematsus made Final Fantasy 8 music and invited a Chinese Singer named Faye Wong to sing the First English song "Eyes on Me" which she agreed but had to perform in Hong Kong due to schedule conflicts. Final Fantasy 8 was released in 1999 on PC and Playstation 1 was also considered the greatest games among Final Fantasy fans and critics Nobuo also made the music for Final Fantasy 9 in 2000 as the last Playstation 1 game which would be the last time he would make the music all by himself.

    Then in 2001 he would contribute some of the songs to the Playstation 2 game Final Fantasy 10 including Otherworld sung by Bill Muir and have the music composers Masashi Hamauzu, Junya Nakano, Naoshi Mizuta, the first time heavy metal music was introduced to Final Fantasy and the First Final Fantasy game to have help with. But never contributed music to Final Fantasy 10-2 Playstation 2 sequel.
    He also contributed music to Final Fantasy Unlimited TV show and Ah! My Goddess movie. He also composed music to Final Fantasy 11 PC and Playstation 2 the first Online RPG game.

    Then in 2003 Squaresoft merged with Enix and became Square-Enix and Nobuo continued to make soundtracks for Square Enix including Final Fantasy Tactics Advance gameboy advance and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 DS. In 2004 he left Square Enix to form his own independent music company even though he still contributes music to Square Enix. He also made music to Final Fantasy 12 Playstation 2 including the song Kiss Me Good-Bye. He also made music to Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey. Super Smash Bros Brawl 3 for Wii. He also made the soundtrack for the Final Fantasy 7 Advent children movie.

    But he didn't contribute to Final Fantasy 13 Playstation 3, Xbox 360 but did contribute to Final Fantasy 13-2 with the song "Crazy Chocobo" by Shootie HG another Heavy Metal song. But did contribute music for the online RPG Final Fantasy 14 original in 2010 which was considered a critical failure due to buggy game play that led to Final Fantasy 14 being shutdown in 2 years and remade to Final Fantasy 14: A realm reborn which was better received.

    Nobuo Uematsu also performs in music concerts including the Final Fantasy concerts at Disney California Concert and in Japan concerts including Final Fantasy: Dear Friends. He also performed music with Arnie Roth who's well known for the Barbie CGI movie music.

    Today Nobuo Uematsu performs music at concerts. His favorite hobbies are drinking alcohol including beer. Watching wrestling matches, playing the fiddle and listening to Elton Johns music and Irish music.

    Also the Final Fantasy 1-6 games have been re-released on iOS and Droid phones and tablets with Nobuo Uematsus music. Currently Final Fantasy 7 remake has been announced by Square Enix in 2015 and it is likely to have Nobuo Uematsus music included.

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