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    Chisato is the renowned guitarist for the visual kei band PENICILLIN. He begun his solo career in the late 90's with the album ORGANIC GROOVER. Very few copies of this album were released, but Chisato continued his career, producing another album CYBERSOUL PAVILLION.

    ll starts with our four friends, Hakuei, Gisho, O-Jiro and Chisato which successfully finish their studies at the university of Tokay (Tokyo). They decide to want to create a group with the name to fall by ground: "Kakkoii band ga yaritai" ("I want to make a cool group"). It very quickly changes name to keep that of Penicillin.
    At the time, the members were not in their "place"; thus, one found Chisato with the song, O-Jiro with low or Gisho with the guitar.
    But it with arrived only of Hakuei at the song (and roles of the members whom one knows now) that one considered the beginnings of Penicillin, February 14, 1992.
    It will be noticed that they had one moment a second guitarist, Shaisuke which was the bass player of Kissing (deceased in 2001 at the time of an accident on the road).

    In April of this year there, they are already on scene to make some concerts. They benefit from it to leave some demonstration. One can find thus there the Romance song (not to confuse with the individual one of 1998 which is written in katana).
    They make live inébranlable and quickly acquire their fans thanks amongst other things to their show on scene.

    Their appearance is more female, except Gisho which keeps a look of guy. This last does not miss an occasion to kiss its singer, Hakuei that is into live, in backstage, or other to attract the fans.

    Hakuei benefits from one of this knowledge, which is not other than Kiyoshi (guitarist of Youth Media, hide with spread beaver, Lucy) so that it produces their first album, Penicillin Shock, left at the end of May 1994. This album passes a little unperceived.

    It will be necessary to wait until December of the same year, to see leaving Missink link in 2 versions. They benefit from it to go to New York to film the vidéos, Quarter Doll and Human Doll. This makes it possible to see Penicillin becoming extensive.
    (This album tightened republished in 1996 with 3 songs moreover)

    In 1995, God of Grind leaves. One finds the same songs there as their first album, Penicillin Shock with 2 songs in premium.
    They continue launched to them with the mini album valley of the doll and earth, and both vidéos Quarter Doll and Human Doll carried out in New York.

    They conquer the scene indies and they think of passing as a major. They move towards Eastwest Japan.
    In June 1996, after their first individual major Blue Moon, they pump us their first album major, Vibe. This album brings back fans, and the group decides to leave two versions this album with a no-claims bonus each one, and one of the albums more jazzy.
    Hakuei when it has, begins its career solo on September 20.

    When Indwell leaves, all the album is made of instrumental. The characteristic of this album, it is that K7 follows it where each music is entitled to a clip with one of the members of the group (this K7 is in a package which also contains a very beautiful book photograph).

    In spite of their exit and concert in Budokan, Penicillin announces that the group ceases its activities so that the members devote themselves to their career solo.
    It is at that time that Hakuei plays in the film 30-thirthy or which it collaborates with Kiyoshi to create the Machine group.
    Chisato, whose beginnings in solo began 4 days after Hakuei, will leave its album to him, Organic Groover.
    Gisho also shoed an attempt under the pseudonym, Ohtaki Jun. But one will more often see it as an actor.
    O-Jiro when with him, with his/her friend, Yasumichan of the group sleep my dear, creates group 808.

    In 1997, Penicillin is found for their next new album, Limelight, followed one year later by Ultimate Velocity. This last is regarded as less succeeds that Missink Link.
    On October 25, they take part in a vent against drug "ASIAN EYES" in Thailand.

    In 1998, under the request for Kiyoshi, Penicillin goes creates a rock opera on Hamlet de Shakespeare, which they will play themselves on scene with the theatre of Shinjuku. It have such a success that the part was played in other Japanese cities, and a video in was drawn.
    Kiyoshi writes the songs, Hakuei plays the part of Hamlet, Gisho is Laertes, Chisato camps us Horatio and O-Jiro, the rabbit. (There are other actors for the part). At the exit of Lovesong (which will remain in the Signal 10 Oricon during 6 weeks), it will be taken again for animates "Sexy Gaiden Commando: Sugoiyo! Masaru-san."

    In October 1999, they leave the double album, This is Penicillin 1994-1999 which gathers their best songs, with the only individual one of this year there, Nice in Lip+L (anagram of Penicillin*).
    The members go on their side for their career solo.
    Chisato leaves its new album, Cybersoul pavillion. (It begins the beginnings of Crack6, its new project in June)
    Gisho is made known in the pop music under the pseudonym, Soxx and its group, Star Man.

    In 2000, they leave the not less disconcerting album, Union Jap. Ultrider, drawn from this album, is used as ending animates "kindaichi shonen No jikenko".
    Gisho takes part in the last concert of its group Star Man.

    In 2001, the group passes by again indies and leave all the same the individual ones, Inazuma and Limit complex.
    Nuclear banana does not gain a great success near the fans. Those ignore the group which changed their music of the beginning too much.

    At the end of 2002, No.53 are born (the name of the album is drawn from the chart joker which would be 53ième). When with their song Hanazono kinema becomes the opening animates "Shinseikiden Mars".

    2003 give the day to the Kakkaku album.

    Penicillin awakes in 2004, and their activities are varied. Thus Chisato is devoted to its project Crack6 (which made an album and 6 individual).
    O-Jiro makes reappear Star Man.
    When in Hakuei, it continues Machine with Kiyoshi. It continues to make its mangas which appears in Fool' S matt or continuous to be mannequin for various designer. It also appears in the film kiss and Hurt where it plays the part of the owner of the Maffia Chinese.

    October 20, 2004, Penicillin leaves Flower circus in two versions, normal and the second contains 2 badges (out of the 4 which exist for this edition).

    At the end of 2005, to date leaves their last album, hell bound heart.

    At the beginning of 2006, begins their usual concert of beginning of year, followed in February of their live of the Valentine Saint and their 14th birthday, as well as the advertisement of the exit of their next individual, tsuki senkonika gayaku/Zero.

    April 2006, Hakuei and Chisato begin their nano group PENICILLIN. They made some live, including one envisaged in the United States (they had not made a concert except Japan any more from Thailand) on June 10 in A-kon' S Main Vents Hall in Dallas. Finally, the group announces that their group is to be lasted limited since it lasted only until August of the same year. Ca will not prevent them from leaving 7 individual and an album in little time.
    At the end of August, Machine takes again service since they will make live 18 and August 30, like on September 2 in Korea.
    After the finale the nano one, on August 18, 2006 (Sold out besides), Penicillin announces individual for September.

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