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    LetsSingIt daily poll for April 13, 2012


     Snap says:
    013-04-2012 00:07
    Do you believe in destiny?
    yes442 (64 %) 
    no248 (36 %) 
    total votes: 690

    Comments (37)

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    8 votes
    023-04-2012 17:34
    I think that some things are just meant to be. For example when I think of all the things that had to happen in order for me to meet my soulmate.. I had to choose to join Twitter, choose to go to a certain university, choose to talk to certain people, choose to meet up with them, choose to let go of other people in my life who didn't like this person, choose to spend more time with them, and ultimately choose to take things from a friendship to something more than that. If even one of those things didn't happen then things would be so different. Im not sure this is exactly what you would call 'destiny' though, but pretty close.
     jonajager says:
    017-04-2012 09:39
    Yep, destiny exists. And you, and everyone is responible for it.
    Thats what I think.
    I'm sure I wrote too little information.

     rainbow_ says:
    014-04-2012 22:36
    Kind of.
     najajensen says:
    014-04-2012 10:39
    I do :S

    013-04-2012 23:41
    i dont know

     Guyver_13 says:
    013-04-2012 20:11
    Yes I do.

    181 votes
     Joeyy says:
    013-04-2012 20:11
    I don't know what you'd call it. I believe whatever happens, happens...simply because it is what happens :|.

     AloeVista says:
    013-04-2012 17:37

     MrPdCya says:
    013-04-2012 16:30
    I used to date a girl named Destiny...She was a unfaithful Klepto... so, no...i don't believe in destiny...she a liar and a thief!!!

     RONTX says:
    013-04-2012 14:48
    Yes i believe it in a broader term..like some pple are destined for greatthings..that can mean alot of things. but it is up to us to pave our own destinies.

     M4OR says:
    013-04-2012 13:35
    not at all, anything that happens in life is based on our own choices.

    12 votes
     goretski says:
    013-04-2012 12:51
    You are your own destiney....

    013-04-2012 12:47
    Yeah sort of.
     s0p0g says:
    013-04-2012 12:30
    quantum physics says: nope.

     Olivevoile says:
    013-04-2012 12:15
    Yes, I absolutely believe, but sometimes it is possible to change some rules of life.

     nellit says:
    013-04-2012 11:23
    Nah... but maybe. I don't know.
     benaa says:
    013-04-2012 10:33
    It makes us keep movíng

     suryaraj says:
    013-04-2012 10:30
    Yes, i believe

     Hfjvilu962 says:
    013-04-2012 09:52
    No I don't.

    013-04-2012 09:43
    What's the point of living if everything we will do is already set in stone?

     Makis_G says:
    013-04-2012 08:42
    Destiny is something designed to explain unforeseen failures & successes.

     elvis1935 says:
    013-04-2012 07:50
    of course

    013-04-2012 07:45
     Praticool says:
    013-04-2012 07:29
    Yes I do.

    2 votes
     Meid says:
    013-04-2012 06:54
    i dont know...