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    LetsSingIt daily poll for April 14, 2012


     Snap says:
    014-04-2012 00:00
    Movies or TV-series?
    TV-series232 (53 %) 
    Movies205 (47 %) 
    total votes: 437

    Comments (33)

    33 comments, showing 1 to 25page 1 of 2

     ilysm says:
    026-04-2012 10:40

    015-04-2012 00:40
    Movies. Don't have the patience to wait for the episodes.
     darkchampion says:
    014-04-2012 23:51
    I like both but when TV series end that I was into it feels like i'm losing a good friend and you just don't feel that way with movies (except maybe harry potter) so i'm gonna say TV series

     rainbow_ says:
    014-04-2012 22:37

     Guyver_13 says:
    014-04-2012 19:54
    Umm if it's Animated or comedy I'll go with TV-Series, otherwise Movies.

     Ownage says:
    014-04-2012 17:30
    TV-series I guess, you don't need to watch it all in one sitting, you can do it parts easier

     16jhesz says:
    014-04-2012 14:48

    014-04-2012 14:22
    Sometimes Tv Series are also good

     nellit says:
    014-04-2012 13:55
    I think I go with Movies, since TV-series always have to contain drama 24/7 to keep views. But I really like TV-series as well.

     MRita says:
    014-04-2012 13:23
    Movies when I'm with my boyfriend and tv-series when I'm alone
     stanch says:
    014-04-2012 13:03
    A tough one... I love both... I don't know...

     widadita says:
    014-04-2012 12:31

    77 votes
     valdez says:
    014-04-2012 12:23
    Depends - sometimes TV series, sometimes just movies

     ImYours says:
    014-04-2012 11:33
    hmm.. both!

     HDF1234 says:
    014-04-2012 11:21
    Has to be TV-series
     najajensen says:
    014-04-2012 10:37
    Both, but if I think about it I must go with TV-series 'cause you can always se a serie but you have to think more about a movie

     orzhagen says:
    014-04-2012 10:27

    39 votes
     Krunegard says:
    014-04-2012 09:54
    Both, but Series are indeed longer
     Praticool says:
    014-04-2012 09:54
    It's a difficult question becauz both are really good.

     Makis_G says:
    014-04-2012 08:42

     Yeo says:
    014-04-2012 05:33
    Movies, it's less of a commitment

    2 votes
     didi28 says:
    014-04-2012 05:25
    TV series.

     novelbite5 says:
    014-04-2012 04:37

    014-04-2012 04:19
    Movies of course

     Wright says:
    014-04-2012 03:05
    Both are okay!!!