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    LetsSingIt daily poll for April 15, 2012


     Snap says:
    015-04-2012 00:03
    Late nights or early mornings?
    late nights504 (80 %) 
    early mornings123 (20 %) 
    total votes: 627

    Comments (39)

    39 comments, showing 1 to 25page 1 of 2

     ilysm says:
    026-04-2012 10:39
    late nights

    024-04-2012 06:42
    Late ;D

     novelbite5 says:
    016-04-2012 03:55
    late nights cause then you can sleep late

     rainbow_ says:
    015-04-2012 23:28
    Late nights.

     rainbow_ says:
    015-04-2012 23:27
    Late nights.

     Guyver_13 says:
    015-04-2012 19:50
    Late Nights, but I'm bringing the time back cause I use to stay awake very very late and then wake up around 9.45 or 10am which started disturbing my stomach.

     CharlotteO says:
    015-04-2012 19:49
    Early Mornings!!! Best time of the day.

     RONTX says:
    015-04-2012 19:44
    Im a vampire!

     AloeVista says:
    015-04-2012 19:28
    Late nights definitely x.x

     MRita says:
    015-04-2012 18:11
    Late nights, without hesitation!

    015-04-2012 17:51
    late nights and early mornings

    2 votes
     didi28 says:
    015-04-2012 17:14
    early mornings.

     widadita says:
    015-04-2012 14:43
    Late nights

     PsykoPyro89 says:
    015-04-2012 14:31
    both - but i'm not entirely sure what you mean by early mornings - may be different for different people. But I enjoy staying out late and getting up early - to late of sleep makes me feel like I wasted the day!

     16jhesz says:
    015-04-2012 13:20
    late nights

     Hfjvilu962 says:
    015-04-2012 12:52
    Definitely late nights

     suryaraj says:
    015-04-2012 09:18
    mostly late nights.

    1 votes
     lostmmr112 says:
    015-04-2012 09:11
    for what?

     Makis_G says:
    015-04-2012 08:20
    late nights... I think...

    145 votes
     kalsonberry says:
    015-04-2012 05:12
    Late nights. Although I was talking to two friends today and they would definitely vote "early mornings".

    015-04-2012 04:33
    I prefer Late nights cause no one can disturb us at that time

    68 votes
     JDolla says:
    015-04-2012 03:53
    honestly, my weekends consist of both, one following the other. the weekdays only have early mornings

    2 votes
     Meid says:
    015-04-2012 03:51
    the bad point to be waked all night cuz you're getting dark circles in your eyes... :/

    2 votes
     Meid says:
    015-04-2012 03:45
     HelloDrama says:
    015-04-2012 03:42
    late nights. I'm so not a morning person