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    Remedy / Lyrics

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    "Warning" Lyrics


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    [Movie Sample]
    Information, information, information
    I am the new number two..
    Who is number one?
    You are number six
    I am not a number! I am a free man!

    [Intro: Remedy (Clocka) {Sweetleaf}]
    The warning why'all, this is a warning yo
    (Listen up, the code red)
    Code red (Yea yea yea)
    This is the code code red
    (What?) Yo yo you've been warned
    (Uh-huh) {This is a warning}
    This a warning yo {Warning}
    (War nigga) Code red

    Yo yo, I came to warn you, strike and swarm you
    Inform you, knowledge born you
    They're on you, cameras in corners
    Men who take orders, closed quarters of slaughters
    Tell ya sons and daughters
    Behind the closed doors it's an old wise man
    With the power of destruction at the palm of his hand
    Understand, how it got there is this
    Not a mark in his list, white face, data risk
    Son he couldn't miss, his chance to pull the strings at his dance
    Control the whole world through the power of trance
    How you see it?

    From the outer circle runnin, I'm an inner circle gunner
    Clocka, holdin my block down, dope beat, polite sound
    Dump, you heard it through the track in the speed bump
    You need somethin to rush off, here take this poem
    Inject it in ya vein, real strong
    Don't dumb out, there's more than three ways for you to come out
    There's mental state, check the medallion plate
    Myself know what time it is, release, I got somethin to give
    Are you driven? Are you strickened? Yo it's sickenin
    I hear it too much, control the Dutch, clutch my hand in a ball
    All I need to know is when it's time to brawl
    Before you walk you gotta crawl 'fore you stand too tall
    Feel ya own height, seen you stagger through the scene on nights
    Don't understand ya kind, this just a warning, a warning

    [Chorus: Remedy (Sweetleaf)]
    Yo this a warning, I look and see a new day dawnin (Warning)
    This a warning to every man born and sworn in (This is a warning)
    The Remedy, I look and see a new day dawnin (Warning)

    [Remedy (Sweetleaf)]
    Watch this catch like a wildfire, burn in the blaze
    Release those of you, most of you were caught in the maze
    We got six million ways to shine like sun's rays
    So do what we do to get through the last days (the last days)

    [Clocka (Sweetleaf)]
    Try to listen to the science of life
    Anythin but that mean you don't give a fuck about your's
    Until ya door's kicked in by Mac-eleven machine men
    Army green men but not the ones that's toys boy
    That's for sure, if not in case you've been warned
    I roll with a Clan that swear they raise they right hand
    And smash ya with they left, appear an injustice, it's right there
    Get sent back to the essence, kid you wildin like an adolescense
    In see-seventy culture, get hung like a wanted poster
    Trust me, and Rem-D, ain't the ones to contest G (This is a warning)
    You totally desobeyed the first one, break you and fire at you, I know it
    hurt done

    [Remedy (Clocka)]
    Follow instructions, the black gun pulls like suction
    Evil minds plot destruction, corruption
    +Az the World Turnz+, born into a system of third degree burns
    With no knowledge there's no wisdom, we all fall victim
    Sign of the times, society's lost, controlled, read between the lines
    Yo it's late night, come up in ya bank
    Computer flippin, microchippin
    Insert the disk in, see who's worth a million
    They come for the killin, we know where you livin
    Come kick ya shit in
    Comes the door and three or four men pour in
    Yo you upstairs snorin, we in the safe, panel floorin
    Come and go like we tourin, bottomline is we scorin
    Half way across the country by the mornin
    The Remedy with the Clocka quest
    Through ya treasure chest, comin up in anybody's rest
    Yo peace and God bless, warning yo
    This is a warning yo, this is a warning yo, this is a warning..

    [Chorus: x 2]

    Code red warning, yo, code red, code red

    [Solomon Childs]
    I'm all in it for the beef, save the barkin for the real dogs

    [Remedy (Sweetleaf)]
    Born and sworn in, this is a warning, yo..
    This is a warning.. (Warning)
    Uh-huh, you've been warned
    Come to warning (This is a warning)

    [Solomon Childs]
    Lyrics spit like shots to ya police
    Killa Bamz, the best thing since yeast
    Don't have the gold why you cats is brass?
    Solo kids you talk to fast, I peal with math
    WTC, world war predicate law, hundred percent raw
    Rock the universal crown, all Wu-Wear down
    Nobody jokin, lyrics leave ya camp backbones broken

    This is a warning [Repeat: x 5]
    Remedy, the Remedy
    This is a warning..
    This song was submitted on October 18th, 2016.
    Copyright with Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group.
    Written by Robert F. Diggs.
    Lyrics licensed by LyricFind.

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