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    Seven Wiser

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    Genre:Alternative, Rock
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    Seven Wiser [2004]



    Jon Santos – Vocals, Guitar, Piano
    Joe Belle – Guitar
    Tudor Capusan – Guitar
    Joe Merrigan – Bass
    Bobby Angilletta – Drums

    There are plenty of things that one would know from listening to Seven Wiser: that the band blends modern rhythms and electronics with retro guitar focus; that the gripping lyrics are raw and emotional; and that the intensity and depth on the self titled debut album is unvarying from beginning to end.

    But what about the things that the music doesn't reveal--the Seven Wiser facts hidden behind the songs, and the distinct name. Luckily, the band has revealed these and many other particulars.

    Firstly, "Seven Wiser". Perhaps a reference to band members? A past Jeopardy triumph? Even a lengthy acronym? Yet, according to Santos, "my producer Sandy Thomas had the idea to use the old advertising trick of matching up two words that otherwise would not predictably morph into one. It stuck from the moment of inception." The moniker is well-coined in consideration of the fact that "there is a theme running through the songs surrounding human existence...love, pain, loss, joy, sickness, death...," Santos offers. He continues, "I've been through my share of pain, and when I talk to people, others relate to my struggle, but I write what I live pretty much, it's just a way to say what I feel."

    Santos, vocalist, pianist, song-writer and sometimes guitarist and bassist formed the band 4 years ago, with New York Based producer Sandy Thomas. With instrumental talent and passion for his craft, Jon today is the core and visionary behind Seven Wiser, with Thomas putting all of the pieces together. However, Jon did not always have his sights set upon the world of rock and roll. "I was an artist since I was 4 years old, and was drawing murals by the time I was 10. I'm also really into graphic arts as well," he tells. Music did factor into his past, but not in a rock band kind of way: "I played classical piano my whole life."

    Not until 5 years ago did Santos actually start singing and playing guitar; his career beginnings spawned primarily from music that he had listened to his whole life. "My favorite bands are all 80's bands," he clarifies. "I love Sebastian Bach [Skid Row] and Steve Perry [Journey]—those are the people who made me want to sing. And I loved musicians back then—everyone was a great guitar player." This influence of 80's rock clearly evidences itself in Seven Wiser's music. A common facet of 80's rock is the guitar solo style—a wailing lead guitar playing over a rhythm progression of traditionally blues and country chords. The same technique appears in Seven Wiser guitar solos, such as the Good as You Think solo with its squealing lead which frequently resolves into sweeter tones. Of course, when Jon Santos incorporates this guitar work with classic piano melodies and synthesized effects, the music is certainly modern.

    To create this sound, Santos is not a one man band laden with several different instruments, but instead joined by four other Seven Wiser members. Guitarist Joe Belle, who Santos considers "a great guitarist, and friend" has played in the band for 2 years now. According to Belle, "I played guitar in some New York area bands before this, and working now with Jon in Seven Wiser is really exciting for me. He is the most talented musician I've ever worked with—he's proficient on so many instruments."

    More recent additions include guitarist Tudor Capusan, bassist Joe Merrigan and drummer Bobby Angilletta. Regarding the band members, Joe Belle comments, "Tudor really inspires me—he's a great guitarist with a really technical style. Joe Merrigan and Bobby are both really great guys and click well with the band—everyone gets along and works well together." Jon Santos agrees, "they're all great guys, and everyone is a good fit."

    Song-writing responsibilities still fall primarily on Jon Santos' shoulders. He explains, "I create arrangements and write lyrics, then my producer (Sandy Thomas) and I sit together and work to change little things here and there." Belle notes that "Jon is a really prolific songwriter. He's open to any ideas from the band, but everything that he writes is already so good." For lyrical muse, Jon draws heavily on life encounters and emotions: "with Losing Grip, I wrote that when I was really depressed and it's probably the most honest to what I was feeling at the time. Sick was written last year, after my cousin was murdered at his job. My relatives are all really cool with one another, and it's just fucked up when something like this happens to any family member. The main thing about the situation is that every time you turn on the news you hear about murders and rapes—there's nothing good on there. And then the day comes that your relative is on television. So I took out my frustrations in that song." Jon's feelings are evident with Sick lyrics such as, "Take a look around you/thanks to what you have/cause it can all be gone just like that."

    The raw fury, force, and subject matter of Sick made it a clear fit for the Punisher soundtrack. Plus, the Seven Wiser addition to the project appealed to Jon because, "it was a comic book character that I really liked growing up, so we're thrilled about the soundtrack." The Punisher attention has brought increased radio play, and greater awareness for the up and coming band. Jon even admits, "I have woken myself up—literally—the Music Choice station that I wake up to has been playing our music."

    Success did not come overnight though, and Seven Wiser was a long time in the making. "I worked at a pizzeria for 5 years," Jon divulges. "I worked there basically to get the band going. It was a flexible job and I still could focus on my music. I had a great time there--we'd get into food fights and throw the dough, or have water gun fights in the summer. You couldn't ask for a better place." (And of course, any pizza professional must have his slice of choice: "Maybe Hawaiian, although it depends on the day.")

    Although pizzeria hi-jinx may not find their way into the Seven Wiser lyrics (no ballads about pepperoni yet) Jon's demeanor does reflect his past in the neighborhood pizzeria—he is a regular, real guy. He emphasizes, "Anyone can come up to me and say "do you want to go hang out and I'll go—I'll go to a bar with anybody. I would never want a fan to be afraid to come up to me and ask for an autograph or even to hang out. And at shows, I'm going to play and then go into the crowd to watch the other bands." He'd sooner be bonding with strangers than playing the part of mysterious frontman. He also, apparently, should not be permitted near electronics. He admits, "I shouldn't be allowed to play instruments anymore. I break everything. I had a Gibson that fell on its face and cracked in half. I short circuited my PRS. I accidentally stepped through my acoustic guitar." The list continues, and is not without piano catastrophes as well. "At least I'm allowed on the microphone," Jon comments, "Of course, if I break the mics, maybe I should just start using a megaphone."

    Jon is no regular guy, nor accident waiting to happen, when it comes to writing and playing the music on the ambitious debut. There is no hiding the fact that Seven Wiser and their gritty album are primed for success. The only remaining mystery about the band and its music, is just how many instruments Jon might have broken while recording.

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