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    Siouxsie & The Banshees

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    Genre:Alternative, Punk, Rock
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    Siouxsie Sioux The real name of Siouxsie Sioux is Susan Janet Dallion; she was born on the 27 of May,1957 at London's Guy Hospital, Second-born of three children (one sister and one older brother). Susan have lost her father, who died in 1971 in Belgian Congo, while he was trying to extract poison from a snake (?!); her mother was a housewife. Her infantry was enough quiet: she attended Mead Road Infant school and Red Hill Junior school of Chislehurst. When she started to go out with Simon's group (the famous "Bromley contingent) she was working as a waitress, after some school failures; Susan left the Nottingham secondary modern school and then the Orpington college; for Susan facing the world of work was a bit hard: she was at first employed as a secretary (the highest ambition of her mother) and then as a masseuse for business men (!!). She finally finds relief in going out with Simon's group, and she gets on well especially with Steven (Severin); about their first encounter there are different versions: one version asserts that the two met at a Sex Pistols gig at Tech, in January 1976; but Steven, even in a recent interview for a BBC special, tells that he first met Siouxsie earlier, in 1974 at an evening spent at Wembley for a Roxy Music concert, that was the preferred band by Siouxsie at that time, along with T.Rex and Marc Bolan, David Bowie, The Stooges and New York Dolls; Siouxsie and Steven, talking about their musical tastes, discovered to have many things in common. Anyway, Siouxsie, Steven, Simon and the others friends (Helen, Debbie and Bill Broad,who will become later Billy Idol, leader of "Generation x" one of the first punk bands!) became the strongest supporters of Sex Pistols! Siouxsie was always in front of the stage during any Pistol's gig! The "Bromley Contingent" was born: strong make-up, short coloured hair, torn t-shirts, leather, chains and swastikas, everything to shock society,Siouxsie follows the Pistols at every gig, even when Rotten and his band played his first concert outside England: two gigs in Paris, on 3 and 4 September! Siouxsie and her friends travelled to France crowded into a minibus that was also used to sleep,! This "escape" to Paris is an important moment in the life of Siouxsie: she was dismissed from her previous work in a bar(,because Susan was rude with costumers!), and she now have to work part-time, always as a waitress, in a little restaurant ,but her dream is another: she'd like to become a singer. The return from France decreed the explosion of Punk movement, and the birth of a new band: Suzie and the Banshees ! On monday 20 and tuesday 21 september 1976 in London is planned the Punk Rock Festival, at 100 club, a place located at number 100 of Oxford street: the ticket was a pound and a half! This was the program of the first night: Vic Godard's Subway sect, SUZIE & THE BANSHEES (this was written upon the fliers!) then the Clash and, at last, Sex Pistols! The second night there were: Damned, Vibrators, Buzzcocks and Stinky toys (a French band). The audience was very crowded: about 1000 kids! Siouxsie and Steven were about to perform for the first time; the problem was at first to find another two musicians: as guitarist the choice was for Marco Pirroni, the only one with a little experience (he played with a band called "the infants" and founded later "the models", to become then a proper member of "Adam & the ants"); as a drummer was engaged a friend of Johnny Rotten: his name is John Beverley, 19 year old, who changed later his name in Sid Vicious!!! Siouxsie has never sang before and Steven has played bass for the first time the night before! Siouxsie and Steve decide to perform a caotic mix of "goldfinger" "twist and shout" and Lou Reed's "Sister ray",Because they miss the instruments, they at first obtain to borrow the Clash ones, but when the Clash manager notes the svastika upon Siouxsie's arm (a provocation of the punk era,) refuses to lend the instruments to the Banshees! However, the Banshees find another instruments and decide, a few minutes before the gig, to delete "Goldfinger" and perform "The Lord's prayer" (which will last twenty minutes!) mixed with "Twist and Shout" and Bob Dylan's"Knocking on heaven's door". Siouxsie wanted to be VERY LOUD, (as she recently said,), so she asked the sound engineers to give her three microphones binded together with adhesive tape! The exibition is disconcerting: Siouxsie is there, standing on the stage, moving around with a fascination unknown to most of the people in the audience! The performance would never end, but Marco Pirroni, misunderstanding a movement of Steven, stopped playing and left the stage; The audience was enthusiastic, but Siouxsie told that she wasn't fully satisfied, "the end was not good" have been her first words! The banshees proposed themeselves as an hypothetical alternative to the classic three minutes punk song. Between the public of the " 100 club " there are obviously numerous emissaries of the record houses, sent to discover groups to put under contract; a talent scout of the island,asked about the Banshees, said: "it was obscene"...the Banshees the 20 september marked their debut, even if the band will loose half of its members: Sid Vicious will be in the Sex Pistols, in substitution of Glen Matlock, Marco Pirroni will found at first with the same Vicious a band called " Flowers of Romance ",which will last for a very little time, in order to form then " Rema Rema " and to enter definitively therefore in the band of Adam Ant. The record houses begin to court the punk groups, but Siouxsie does not interest to nobody at that moment! The last months of the 1976 still see Siouxsie protagonist; The Sex Pistols has just signed for EMI and the first December they have been invited to the transmission " Today " of the ITV. The Pistols begin to cover of insults the introducer Bill Grundy, and there is fame also for Siouxsie: Grundy: " Girls, are you enjoying yourselves? " Siouxsie: " I am enjoying myself " G: " really? " S: "yes" G: " it's just what I thought " S: " I have always wanted to meet you " G: " Truly " S: " yes! " G: " (laughing) Well, then we will have a meeting after the show' " To that point Steve Jones arose calling Grundy " a filthy pig " and the interview ended between spits blasphemies and insults, with Grundy confused more than ever. It bursts the scandal: Siouxsie earns the covers of the Daily Mirror and the Sun, becoming the punk girl for excellence, with its exaggerated make-up and the offensive clothing. After this infamous show, Siouxsie was fired from the restaurant and her subsidy of unemployment was revoked with this (absurd) motivation "a punk girl,beyond it all,is a singer and therefore she earns "!!! (although this wasn't true,)

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