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    Sweeney Todd / Lyrics

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    "Final Scene" Lyrics

    Sweeney Todd feat. Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, Jamie Campbell Bower, Jayne Wisener, Johnny Depp and Laura Michelle Kelly

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    Mrs. Lovett: Toby!
    Where are you, love?

    -[whisper]- "Where is he?"

    Nothing's gonna harm you--
    Not while I'm around

    Sweeney Todd: "Toby?" , "Toby?"

    Mrs. Lovett: Nothing's gonna harm you, darlin'
    Not while I'm around

    Sweeney Todd: "Toby?",


    Anthony Hope: "Mr. Todd!
    You wait for him here. I'll return with the coach in less
    than half an hour. Don't worry, no one will recognize you.
    You're safe now."

    Johanna: "Safe? So we run away and then all our dreams come true?"

    Anthony Hope: "I hope so."

    Johanna: "I've never had dreams. Only nightmares."

    Anthony Hope: "Johanna, when we're free of this place, all the ghosts will go away."

    Johanna: "No, Anthony. They never go away."

    Anthony Hope: "I'll be right back to you. Half an hour and we'll be free."


    Beggar Woman: Beadle!, Beadle!,
    No good hidin', I saw you!
    Are you in there still?
    Beadle!, Beadle!,
    Beadle, dear, Beadle,

    [Brief Instrumental]

    Beggar Woman: Beadle-deedle-deedle-deedle-deedle-dumpling
    Beadle, dumpling, Be-deedle-deedle-deedle-deedle-

    Sweeney Todd: "Who are you? What are you doing in here!?"

    Beggar Woman: "Evil this is, sir. The stink of evil--from below--from her!
    She's the devil's wife! Beware her, sir. She with no pity
    in her heart."

    Hey-- don't I know you, mister?

    Judge Turpin: "Mr. Todd?"

    [Dramatic Instrumental]

    Judge Turpin: "Where is she?"

    Sweeney Todd: "Below, your honor. With my neighbour. Thank heavens
    the sailor did not molest her. Thank heavens too, she has
    seen the error of her ways."

    Judge Turpin: "She has?"

    Sweeney Todd: "Oh yes, your lesson was well learned.
    She speaks only of you, longing for forgiveness"

    Judge Turpin: "Then she shall have it.
    She'll be here soon, you say?"

    Sweeney Todd: "Yes."

    Judge Turpin: "Excellent, my friend."

    Sweeney Todd: "How 'bout a shave? Sit, sir, sit."

    Judge Turpin: Ah, pretty women

    Sweeney Todd: Pretty women, yes

    Judge Turpin: Johanna, Johanna,

    Sweeney Todd: Pretty women
    Pretty women are a wonder
    Pretty women

    Judge Turpin: What we do for women!

    Sweeney Todd: Pretty women
    Blowing out their,

    Judge Turpin: Blowing out their

    BOTH: Candles

    Sweeney Todd: Or-- combing out their,

    Judge Turpin: Combing out their

    BOTH: Hair

    Judge Turpin: Then they leave

    Sweeney Todd: Even when they leave,


    Judge Turpin: Even when they leave you and vanish
    They somehow can still remain
    There with you

    Sweeney Todd: They still
    Are there
    They're there

    Judge Turpin: "How seldom it is one meets a fellow spirit!"

    Sweeney Todd: "With fellow tastes-- in women, at least."

    Judge Turpin: "What's that?"

    Sweeney Todd: "The years no doubt have changed me, sir.
    But then, I suppose, the face of a barber-- the
    face of a prisoner in the dock-- is not particularly

    Judge Turpin: "Benjamin Barker!"

    Sweeney Todd: "BENJAMIN BARKER!!!"

    [Dramatic Instrumental]

    Sweeney Todd: Rest now, my friend
    Rest now - forever
    Sleep now the untroubled
    Sleep of the angels,


    Sweeney Todd: "'Don't I know you?' she said.
    ,You knew she lived."

    Mrs. Lovett: "I was only thinkin' of you!"

    Sweeney Todd: "You lied to me."

    Mrs. Lovett: No, no, not lied at all
    No, I never lied!

    Sweeney Todd: Lucy,

    Mrs. Lovett: Said she took the poison-- she did
    Never said that she died

    Sweeney Todd: I've come home again...

    Mrs. Lovett: Poor thing!
    She lived but it left her weak in the head
    All she did for months was just lie there in bed--

    Sweeney Todd: Lucy,

    Mrs. Lovett: Should've been in a hospital
    Wound up in Bedlam instead
    Poor thing!

    Sweeney Todd: Oh, my God,

    Mrs. Lovett: Better you should think she was dead
    Yes, I lied 'cos I love you!

    Sweeney Todd: Lucy,

    Mrs. Lovett: I'd be twice the wife she was!
    I love you!

    Sweeney Todd: What have I done!?,

    Mrs. Lovett: Could that thing have cared for you like me?

    Sweeney Todd: Mrs. Lovett
    You're a bloody wonder
    Eminently practical and yet
    Appropriate as always
    As you've said repeatedly
    There's little point in dwelling on the past!


    Sweeney Todd: Now come here, my love,
    Not a thing to fear, my love,
    What's dead, is dead!

    Mrs. Lovett: Do you mean it?
    Everything I did
    I swear I thought was only for the best
    Believe me!
    Can we
    Still be

    Sweeney Todd: The history of the world, my pet--

    Mrs. Lovett: Oh, Mr. Todd
    Oh, Mr. Todd
    Leave it to me...

    Sweeney Todd: Is learn forgiveness and try to forget

    Mrs. Lovett: By the sea, Mr. Todd, we'll be comfy-cosy
    By the sea, Mr. Todd, where there's no one nosy

    Sweeney Todd: And life is for the alive, my dear
    So let's keep living it--!

    BOTH: Just keep living it!
    Really living it--

    Mrs. Lovett: AARRGHHHH!!

    [Dramatic Instrumental]

    Sweeney Todd: There was a barber and his wife
    And she was beautiful
    A foolish barber and his wife
    She was his reason and his life
    And she was beautiful
    And she was virtuous
    And he was--

    [Instrumental to End]
    This song was submitted on January 18th, 2008 and last modified on July 26th, 2009.
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