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    The Unknownn

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    1The Unknownn


    These guys are so good that I'd lock them up in a box and have them play just for me...I've told them that...shame I can't find a box big enough - UniqueKiwi

    The Unknownn were born in early 2003 from a mutual love of all things dark. From a studio in the depths of the English countryside, The Unknownn have successfully managed to create a substantial body of work.

    The dark, sculptured sound of The Unknownn reflects a life full of experiences, teamed with the collaborative efforts of the talented artists who frequent the studio's ever-revolving doors.

    From a kid in school with a Marantz tape deck, feverishly bouncing tracks until all that could be heard was a sonic tribute to mush, an audio brown out! The act of creation is still as exciting now as it was then, retaining all the vibrancy of youth.

    But why music?

    "If a picture paints,well, music communicates so much more. I love the way a short piece of music can illustrate a sensibility with such personal, yet ambiguous detail."

    The Unknownn have shrugged off any delusions of grandeur and fame, preferring the shadow lands of sound to the velvet-roped areas of ephemeral nightclubs.

    "It's always about music. – We are fascinated by the way such an intangible entity can have such a profound effect on so many people in so many different ways,.It's the soundtrack to our lives, happy, sad, sexy or confused, but mostly miserable".

    So music it is. . .

    The Album

    Each track has a story,the throbbing bass lines and sublime vocals ooze black-hearted romanticism. With dirty riffs and hauntingly melancholic strings, it is both hypnotic and soulful.

    At times conjuring up images of smoke-filled, dimly lit back rooms. Then breaking the sleaze with fucked-up guitar stabs and rich keyboards. Sultry layers intertwine through dark and distorted arrangements.

    Timeless, poignant and heartfelt, these inspired lyrics provide both a journalistic commentary of emotions, whilst also causing you to and reflect and draw comparison. These words are delivered with such vocal talent, they are sure to send a chill down your spine.

    From sweeping swings to screaming guitars, The Unknownn have a dirty sensuality about their music. Listeners experience a sound, which results in a gritty ride - a journey of the senses. The Unknownn describe their music as "a culmination and reaction to everything I have seen and heard to date.

    Fan Feedback
    Defying the definitions of modern genres, The Unknownn are appealing to a broad global fanbase, thanks primarily to the major success of their grassroots internet campaign.
    "I'm sooooo feeling the music it's awesome! I appreciate it more than my mother breast feeding me as a youngster...."
    "You guys are great, excellent, it's wonderful to be exposed to raw talent."
    "Holy shit. And just like that a fan is born."
    "I LOVE YOU GUYS SO DAMN MUCH!!!! And the vocals are amazing. The lyrics are especially touching too. I absolutely Love it! =]"
    To read more, check out www.myspace.com/theunknownn, where as of January 2006, The Unknownn had nearly 33,000 subscribed "fans".
    With so many fans eagerly anticipating their first live performances, The Unknownn are primed to break onto stages, locally and internationally, while simultaneously writing and collaborating to create music for their sophomore album.

    Reviews of "The Unknownn"

    Caroline Beavon – Kerrang Radio

    "Ok ... this is one of those albums that makes you rethink the type of music you are into. Me, it's usually dirty rock and heavy metal - but something in me has really fallen for The Unknownn. Ok, so I won't be binning all my metal just yet - but this cd hasn't been off my stereo for 2 days now and I'm not quite sure when, or even if, I am going to want to stop listening to it.

    I'm not sure if it's the beautiful, ethereal vocals, the vibe that reminds me so much of Portishead ... or the cracking guitars that kick in and swipe you round the head before you know what is happening (track 3, Raw .. for example - if you don't get goose-bumps 3 minutes into it, check you are still breathing).

    Whichever the reason - this is one of those albums that, if there is any justice in the world, should take The Unknownn a long way ... I only hope the rest of the world is ready.


    Kate James – Up-load

    "Well what can I say!

    After listening to all 58 minutes and 40 seconds of this album all I can say is thank you to the Unknownn for letting us have a copy of this masterpiece.

    I love it.

    These musicians are talented beyond words and the sound they produce is quite unique and incredibly more-ish.

    I would love to see them perform live as I can imagine the whole room would be stood transfixed by their presence.

    The haunting sound just washes over your body as you listen to this and it bounces around the speakers hitting you with a different sound from every angle before it shoots round and does it all over again.

    This band are destined for greatness so get out and buy this album now and look out for live dates near you. I know the Team here will be getting to see them really soon."

    Steve Hurst - Glasswerk

    " 'Nocturnal' is a good mood setter for the album, not to mention the exemplary music and vocals brooding lyrics like 'Taste my Cheery lips and poison them'. This is followed up by the equally ominous 'Cure All,' with its classy female vocals echoing around.

    The album continues to blend light trip beats with orchestral rhythms, occasionally letting the electric guitar take over and darken some of the material. 'Raw' is a good example of the latter, where 'Get It' is much more soulful in its intentions.

    Their scope becomes much more grand within the likes of 'Serious' and 'Ink Star Skin.' The first leading us through a poetic soothing string led journey of emotion whilst 'Ink' takes the journey that much higher and further – even daring to emote 'I Fear Love.'

    There is a good range when it comes to the meddling with format. There are slow builders like 'Duplicitous' and then more obvious pop friendly tracks like the opening numbers.

    But each member of the band certainly knows how to craft his or her weapons of choice. The orchestrations can be both foreground and background materials, the beats can take control or can be lead by vocals that are soft and morose; but then later high and commanding.

    For sheer impact value it's best to start at the beginning.

    For shifts in tone see 'Backseat,' but for strength in all departments and even for the sheer will of a song go straight to 'Ink Star Skin.' Songs like this can go horribly wrong in the wrong hands but here it's nothing short of a masterpiece."

    Jason Rhode – Pan Productions
    "Every once in a blue moon, a band comes around that truly puts its members hearts and souls into the music. This is the Unknownn.

    Their debut album, which was released on October 13 is an intricate opera that plays like it's the soundtrack of their lives.

    For example, Nocturnal has a Gothic Funk feel with an R&B lyrical flavour that meld deliciously. The story of a first love break up plays nicely with the melodies and heart wrenching vocals.

    Debut album? If this is the Unknownn's debut album, hold on to your butts, people...they'll be handing it to listeners for albums to come."

    Rich at Weirdism.co.uk

    "I've taken a gamble on many unknown bands, often to be disappointed by the other songs that I've not heard before. The Unknownn failed to disappoint.

    I like everything that I hear on this CD.

    The vocals are soothing yet haunting and utterly sublime.

    The music is perfectly constructed.

    Using the above examples to describe The Unknownn, one might be inclined to pigeon hole them. Don't.

    Each song is different - a properly eclectic mix of styles is evident across the entire album.

    The overall mood is subdued, cool without being cold, and I think fans of the aforementioned bands won't have a problem adopting The Unknownn.

    Personally, I'm glad I took a chance on The Unknownn. That's not something I say that often!"

    Mp3 hardplay
    "12 tracks of intense mellow electronic flavourings blended around vocal fantasia, it intrigues all the time, a river of non-stop shining darkness...no emotional boundaries around it!

    Duplicitous is a fine example of how The Unknownn combine musical ambition and emotional force, on the other hand the duo also shows that they know how to produce heavyweight pop through tracks like Backstreet.

    Nothing on this album is fake, nothing is sanitised, all the songs are inextricably linked to the soul.

    Serious with it's morbid nature and dream theme is probably one of the highest points of this album, you have to hear it because it's difficult to explain, I might spoil it!

    From the beginning guitar notes of Nocturnal, through to the sad electric piano shapes of Sad Sin, you won't stop it; the music will grow on you in a crescendo of extreme pleasure.

    I am very pleased to have received this album from The Unknownn, this album is a feast of vocal and musical talent, I can surely assume that it's the best thing from it's genre that I've heard through all 2005 thumbs up."

    Chris White - PartyInKingston.com

    ". . . I've explored this album song-by-song, note-by-note and I'm here to say that I am totally in awe of this stunning production. It's one of the best produced/mastered cd's I have ever listened to.

    They consider themselves to be Alternative / Trip Hop / Down-tempo. I hear Madonna meets Pink Floyd. If "holy f*ck" was a genre they would be there too. The Unknownn allowed themselves to brilliantly express their studio creativity in ways recording engineers and producers dream of. The music is truly an embracing experience; their talent is prodigious.

    The opening track "Nocturnal" sets the pace for a semi-psychedelic journey your are about to experience. The angel-like vocals put me into a wonderful hypnotic trance heightened by remarkable harmonies and stunning experimental sounds. The lyrics in this song takes one to the edge of their seat; as compelling as the writing of Edgar Allan Poe, yet haunting familiar...

    "...take my arms
    so svelt and thin
    into your bonds and break them
    you're my deepest
    you're my first cut."

    "Nocturnal" segues into their second song of twelve titled "Cure All" with it's rich bass and percussion. The female vocalist has been sampled into a near dreamscape affect; the beat is medium tempo but if you care to join me by dreaming with eyes open I can see travelling the city streets fast at night with trails of headlights passing us by.

    "Raw" and it's soft piano-driven opening rhythm is another sensational song to stir your senses filled with words of heartbreak and loneliness...

    "...teardrops falling from my eyes
    anger pouring from inside..."

    ...Blazing guitars and intense vocals come in on "Raw" as if to shake you and wake you up, then gently takes you back to your comfort zone.

    The Unknownn will undoubtably become very well known.

    Chris White"

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