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    Tiffany Evans / Lyrics

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    "Who Am I" Lyrics

    Tiffany Evans

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    Verse: 1
    sometimes everthing seems outta my reach
    no matter how hard I try
    sometimes I feel like nothing at all inside
    with everything that I try to hold on to
    just seems to slip away
    and though I fall it keeps calling me back again
    but I keep looking
    I'll sink or swim
    I keep searchin to find the real me

    who am I tell me
    where do I come from
    who am I tell me
    cause its like I dont fit in at all

    verse 2:
    Sometimes I feel like runnin away
    and leaving it all behind
    and try to find a place where I belong
    If I keep lookin,
    I'll find myself
    I keep searchin to find the real me

    who am I tell me
    where do I come from
    who am I tell me
    cause its like I dont fit in at all

    (who am I)
    who am I
    (who am I)

    Who am I
    I know
    That I can do anything

    who am I
    I know
    that I can be anything

    who am I
    I know
    That I can do anything thing (anything thing)

    who am I
    I know
    that I can be anything

    who am I
    I know
    yes I can be anything
    yes I can be anything at aaaaaaaaall
    This song was submitted on May 31st, 2005 and last modified on June 4th, 2008.
    Thanks to Chanel ( i am a singer ) and Jaquese Derrickson for the contribution to this song.
    Lyrics licensed by LyricFind.

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    •  guest says:
      pop out
       charmedlover says:
      001-03-2011 17:57
      i love this song
       sweeper says:
      029-06-2005 20:25
      Yes i agree, she is very young. everything is natrual, not fake with plastic nose jobs and face lifts. Her video of WHO AM I is awesome. i dont think she's ugly at all and i also think she's maturing very well considering how stressful this industry is.

      as for her singing style, i think she will become the next whitney houston.Her voice is extraordinary!

      you can see her video of WHO AM I on TiffanyEvansNow.com. you can judge for yourself.
       KuKu4Pheonix says:
      023-06-2005 03:56
      OMG best song ever!
      Tiffany is so pretty! Even with the gap in her teeth! Her voice is to die for!
      She is sooo my new fav. singer ! Whenever the song "Who Am I?" comes on Disney Channel, I start to sing and dance!
      I luv her outfit in the video. It's sooo cool ! I hope she becomes really popular! She is popular with me !

      Tiffany Evans =
      018-06-2005 00:34
      Its okay
      017-06-2005 00:14
      I just love the music video that comes out on Disney Channel!!!!!!!!!!!
      017-06-2005 00:12
      My bad Friend_Jones55. But i'm glad i actually made my point.
      016-06-2005 19:44
      hey I'm not a girl but thanks for the comment
       HYPNOTiSED says:
      016-06-2005 19:44
      i saw this music video on disney channel today.
      016-06-2005 19:38
      All these girls are right Ballerina11!!! First of all who cares how she looks as long as she has a great voice, it's good!!!!!! The only reason you're saying all of this shit is because your jelous that she sings way better than you, and you know it. So if I were you I wouldn't be saying any of this shit. -k-! Bitch, you better recognize!!!!! Ballerina11 you gotta fuckin' go. And next time you wanna say more shit like this, go tell it to Tiffany in her face. But of course you won't becuase you're just a fuckin' scardy cat!!!
      Well have a nice day!!!!!!!!! NOT You make me wanna vomit.
      015-06-2005 04:41
      I think this song is GREAT and i don't know who ballerina person think she is but she is a bitch!!!! i mean who cares how she looks at least she can sing! she is very pretty. if you say anything about the way she looks look in the mirror before you say it. so ballerina i know you think your bad but your not so i suggest that you just stop criticizing what people look like and go get a makeover youself!
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