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"Air It Out" Lyrics

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Pull up and air it out (8x)
Got that .30 on me now (2x)
Pull up and air it out (2x)
I got the stick on me now (2x)
Pull up and air shit out, I pull up and air shit out

Verse 1 ( 21 Savage )
I pull up and air shit out, i pull up and dick your hoe down
Young savage bitch i got pounds, young savage bitch i got rounds
Pull up and shot up your town, (pow,pow ... )
Slaughter gang bitch we go brazy, PDE bitch they go brazy
Drinking on lean got me lazy, Glock 40 no .380, am cooking up dope in this tin, you need a new pistol it jammed, i don't fuck around with the xan, i dripping lil bitch i don't dab, your bitch a lil freak ouch, i fuck her one time bounce (ha,ha,ha,ya,ha,ya,ya) still got the choppa round' my motherfucking shoulder, still that same nigga i just got a little older


Verse 2 (Young Nudy)
I got the stick on me now, pull up and air that bitch out ___?
Young niggas shot up your house, what dat shit you talkin bout, look how that .30 hang out, walk through the motherfucking crowd, pussy nigga shut your mouth, all of my young niggas killas, PDE nigga drug dealers, nawl we don't fuck with you niggas, get your ass slaughtered lil nigga, I keep them 5th's on my pistols, i keep them hunnas on my stick, when that bitch click on don't miss, one and the head and i hit, bitch land straight in your temp, i told you don't fuck with me nigga, shawty be popping them niggas
Shawty be dropping them niggas, now they called cops on a nigga, cause they couldn't stop a lil nigga, right at the bottom lil nigga, PDE slaughter gang nigga

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Last updatedMarch 6th, 2022

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