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A Dark Halo


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A Dark Halo


Country of origin: United States
Location hoenix, Arizona
Status: Unknown
Formed in:2004
Genre:Industrial/Thrash/Groove Metal
Lyrical themes: Personal issues/struggles
Last label: Heavy Armor
Years active:2004-?

"Burn It All" and "Beyond Recall" from the album Catalyst are present in the wrestling videogame WWE Day of Reckoning 2.

This album is a true gem. I'm a veteran listener when it comes to industrial metal but to this day I have yet to hear any band that sounds like A Dark Halo on their only album "Catalyst".

These guys came out of nowhere in 2006 and released this peculiar release. What we have here is a blend of industrial metal in the mid-era Fear Factory vein. But due to ADH's themes and approach to songwriting being strikingly different. Their music doesn't come off as a rip off or derived in any major way. This is a band that is all about tugging on the listeners heartstrings through serene synth backdrops and melodic guitar leads. These beautiful elements are present mostly in the choruses of the songs, but also make themselves known in the slow-building verses of the ballad "Silence".

There is some anger bubbling underneath of course. This is a metal album after all. For the gritty stuff ADH mostly use slamming groove riffs that occasionally tip over into mechanical galloping tempos. The vocals vary between a hoarse, raspy scream and a harmonic but linear clean sung performance. The synth is almost always present, even in the verses where the guitars dominate. However, they take something of a supportive role in these sections of the songs. Overall, the balance between the guitars, synths and vocals is fantastic. For this type of uniform style of metal which builds it's very foundation on musical tightness and strict compositioning, ADH's balance is one of the best ever made.

The instrumental department does exactly what it sets out to do. Delivering adequate heaviness and power to keep the listener engaged and excited about what's next to come in the song. We as listeners are then rewarded in the refrains where ADH really show what they are made of. Dave Lowmiller has such a unique singing voice. When he sings melodically it's in a mellow tone that hits just the right notes and gives way to a lot of emotion in the listener. He does have a slight synthetic effect applied to his vocal tracks, but I don't consider it to be cheating at all.

This is music that is all about merging futuristic and artificial concepts with introversion of the mind and sadness in the heart. Man versus machine. A classic sci-fi concept. But ADH's approach to the theme in both the music and the lyrics is very low key in nature and more of an internal monologue than a high tech action adventure.

My favorite moments on here include the energetic intro and attention grabbing groove of "Burn It All", the majestic and downbeat refrains in both "Beyond Recall" and "Unbreakable", and last but not least the incredible piano and synth interplay in the instrumental song "Reformatting...".

I'm not afraid to admit that this is one of the (few) albums that have moved me to tears. Not only did I identify with the morose lyrical content. The music itself is all the way through from the first to the very last seconds cold, desolate and hopeless. The album is the very musical embodiment of depression, loss and heartbreak. This album is very special to me. Listening to it has become a way for me to self-medicate and repair whenever I'm feeling blue. If industrial metal with a melancholic tone to it sounds like something you might enjoy. Then this album might just pull at your heartstrings too.

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