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A La Carte (DE)

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A La Carte (DE) cover
A La Carte was a disco girl group formed in 1978, and based in Germany. Producers Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann helped with the start up of the group. The trio originally included Scottish girls: Patsy Fuller, Julia and Elaine. Their first song was When the Boys Come Home, released in March 1979. With a performance in the Musikladen TV show, the group gained immense popularity in Germany. For unknown reasons, the line-ups often changed with the release of new singles. Jenny Renshaw became the only permanent member when she joined the group in October 1979. By 1981, the group was made up of Jenny Renshaw, Linda Daniels and Joy Martin. Together, they released the album Viva. The group underwent many more line-up changes afterwards also. In 1982, they recorded their "Rockin' Oldies" album, which included numerous covers of 1960s songs. The group disbanded in 1984. The final line-up featured Jenny Renshaw, Joy Martin and Katie Humble. Other women disco groups like A La Carte were very popular in Europe at the time. Such as, Arabesque, (also from Germany), Luv' and Maywood (both from the Netherlands) and Baccara (from Spain). Popularity for the disco music genre as a whole declined with the development of newer music styles, which ultimately led to the girl groups breaking up.

À La Carte
Real Name: À La Carte
Germany-based female disco vocal trio active in the late 70s and early 80s.
Formed in 1978 by producers Tony Hendrik & Karin Hartmann, their line-up (consisting of mostly English women) was constantly changing between releases.
In 1989 Ray Dorset's Mungo Jerry tried to revive the group - with little significant success. The group reunited in 2017.
Sites: Facebook,,,,,, Wikipedia, Wikipedia
Members: Jenni Renshaw, Joy Martin, Katie Humble, Linda Daniels, Patsy Fuller
Variations: À La Carte, A L Carte, A La Cart, A La Carte, A-La-Carte, Ala Carte

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