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A Tu Puta Kara

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A Tu Puta Kara cover
A tu Puta Kara ("In your fucking face") is a band from El Padul, Granada, Spain consisting of 4 members with a wide experience after having played in several bands and gave many concerts. It's a thrash band and they want to play loud and to tell the unjustices of life with nastiness.

They begin playing in 2002 with Francisco and Miguel Ángel, who after a couple of years working on some songs they composed their first demo "A Fuerza Ostias", selling more than 1000 copies in their own province.

In their search to complete the band they tested a large number of drummers until finding Jose Luis, that passed the requirement not only for his dexterity but also for sharing musical likes and political ideology.

About the middle of 2005 the first bass-player left the band because of laboral reasons, and then they prepared to search a replacement. So they met Alberto, who proved to own a great level at four strings togheter with a huge interest for the band and to contribute with new ideas. In the beggining of 2007 José Luís quit the band because of personal reasons.

In spite of they are a young band, they have shared the stage with national bands of the weight of Lujuria, Fe de Ratas, Habeas Corpus, Gatillazo or the thrashers Koma

Their agressive and powerful guitar, their full of strength rythms, their contundent bass and their full of rage voice achieve a great clamour in the audiencie of their gigs.

The topic of their lyrics may result of an extrem agression but they only show the tiredness produced by all the abusing we get in our hole life

Their style of music is personal, they do not base on no one and nobody, but their most important influences maybe PANTERA and Soziedad Alkoholika, while the topic of their lyrics is the compromise with society, something that surprise and glad those who listen to their songs.

In the last years they have been touring several cities in Andalucía, specially in Granada, where they have done many gigs; the most important ones were the II Edition of the Emergenza Festival, where they reached the final among more than 100 bands from Andalucía and the concert in the VII Lento Rock in Nigüelas (Granada) in front of more than 1000 people.

Currently they have just finished their new album "Movido por el Odio" (Driven by Hate), an album composed by 11 original tracks and recorded at Pig Studios (P.P.M., Hora Zulú, UFO,).

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