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"Raise Your Weapon" Lyrics

Ace Primo

Belief is a blessing, and I believe in myself
It's gotta count for nothing

Why won't they, just give me the shine I deserve
Done held the flame all of my life I believe it's time for the burn
Don't worry about me, I appreciate your time for concern
But all I need is my birds, you see the flock you'll learn
I'm frog hopping above you, know it's starting to bug you
Harder than half of these rappers that you bastards look up to
I know, and to be honest, you ain't telling them nothing
Came out the room with no room to grow
Young Benjamin Button, I'm hungry, my stomach's growling
I want it, I want it, now and I'm guessing I'm on my own
Since the won't help a brother out, man but it's cool though
See I'ma let em run with they assumptions
Cause I know they'll feel like something,
when they'll see me with a huge blow
When I'm in love with 2 shows, my album sells like who knows
Then when I'll die I'm carving I told you so on my tombstone,
Just to be real
And trust me we will, make em surrender when we raise up our weapons
Won't let em forget it, oh no
Raise your weapon, raise your weapon, raise your weapon
Raise your weapon, raise your weapon, raise your weapon
One word and it's over

Young boy, young dreams, sick of that feeling of what
not getting love brings
In myself, I'm a strict believer, I'm gonna get money
I'm gonna sell out them big arenas, just watch me I know it
No I'm not cocky, I'm focused
Eminem said you only get one shot, don't blow it, and I won't
Shady my word is bond, I'll flock til my birds are gone
Cross my heart and hope to die, that's word to moms
Do you know how it feels to know that you'll never be more than hope
Oh, well neither do I, I'm success in a form of dope
That just, hasn't been smoked yet,
Don't let them light me up
Cause swear on everything I care about, you on death like the drug
You just might get addicted, I just might get convicted
Making us fight to breathe like living life was religion
Uh, this is war, I'm going after everybody
Making sure that they know what it is, right
Every time we

Raise your weapon, raise your weapon, raise your weapon
Raise your weapon, raise your weapon, raise your weapon
One word and it's over.

See the problem with most people is,
They depend on people
But with me, that ain't the case
Cause I'm a get mine
Whether you rocking with me or not
It's Primo, uh huh, let it ride
Wait for the hook to come back in
It's something they gotta feel

Raise your weapon (there it go), raise your weapon,
Raise your weapon
This song was submitted on February 11th, 2013 and last modified on July 17th, 2013.
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