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"Theosis" Album Lyrics



Type: Full-length
Release date: March 2010
Catalog ID SR023CD
Version desc.: Digipak
Label: Dark Side Records

Acherontas. A band that carries a heavy heritage , having left the listener with high expectations after "Tat tvam Asi..." . Expectations forged by the band's unique musical and lyrical directions that contributed a lot to the second album release of Acherontas. This second ritual is successfully nominated under the ancient term "Theosis" ( meaning "deification" or "divinization" ). Ten songs symbolizing the levels to Theosis.

A black divine aura is crawling out of the speakers as the album intro "bnH cEb kH can A" is preparing the listener to be uplifted to the black essence of "Theosis". Once again Acherontas music is enriched with an occult aura and a unique black metal atmosphere. Sinful melodies and wonderful solos combined with concrete riffs that end up to magnificent lyrical crescendos. Just listen to "The Winged Skull Rising" or "The Oath of Fealty" and notice their atmosphere. It is just the beginning and "Theosis" already succeeded not just to attract the attention , but also to create a majestic feeling of spiritual exaltation. Everything is leading to the "Legacy of Tiamat" , a hymn to the Dark Mother that nails the listener with its solemn entity , with the title and lyrics being used under the permission of the Temple of the Vampire.

Through the kabbalistic dreaming paths of Adam Kadmon we elevate spiritually to the album's essence "Theosis". Again the ascension is far more than usual , as "Theosis" forces the listener to bow before the band's occult majesty , revealing the Black flame burning fierce towards every single lyrical and musical line. A ritualistic chaos of eerie atmospheric melodies , dark shape-shifting riffs and aggressive , intrusive vocals that complete the circle. Acoustic endings that enhance the whole atmosphere with even darker forms , and definitely we have to praise the vocal transformations that colour every track differently , according to the structure and atmosphere of each.

The end is closing in with "Finis Coronat" and the ritual is now complete as the shades of this album are holding tight the listeners soul , dominating the feelings of such a spiritual divinization. "Conjuration of the Five Negatives" comes fiercely , successfully closing the album and forcing you to start listening again. Many musical comparizations could be made in order to describe the music of this album , but still are useless. Only one description is valid : True Occult Black Art. "Theosis" is a release with a personal style and atmosphere , succeeding to overcome its predecessor and walk its own path. The standards are set really high , and this album will surely become a classic reference for its specific genre.

Available also in limited tape version of glossy black and white covers , by Night Birds Records.
01bnH cEb kH can A lyrics
02Pestilence Of Mortality lyrics
03The Winged Skull Rising lyrics
04Oath of Fealty lyrics
05Legacy of Tiamat lyrics
06Dreams of Adam Kadmon lyrics
07Theosis lyrics
08Απέθαντος lyrics
09Finis Coronat lyrics
10Conjuration of the Five Negatives lyrics
This album was submitted on March 23rd, 2017.

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