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"Hidden, Hidden" Lyrics

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See the way I feel
Is hidden, hidden
The way I feel
It's time
If you'd reveal
What's hidden, hidden
Is it time?

What have I missed, make me a list
I can try but you resist
Stir my soul, dig me a hole
I can't move what you control

Still, I'm afraid to hear it
It's hidden, hidden
I'm afraid to hear it

I feel fine, sevens and nines
You can offer, I'll decline
Drop my guard, heavy and hard
I will treasure what you discard
Hit me in the head, send me to bed
I forgot what you just said
Make my day, send me away
Send me away, send me away

Yes we ought to talk about it
What I need to say is
What I mean to say is
I don't want to talk about it
Though I can see the future
I prefer to close my eyes

Show me a sign, boggle my mind
Water burns as I decide
Teardrops stained, pleasure and pain
You are different, I'm the same
I fear
That it could destroy me
If you reveal
What's hidden, hidden
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Album Details

Adam Again - Dig [1992]
Dig / track 8
Adam Again


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