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[Opening poem by Sylvia Plath]
But toward a region where our thick atmosphere
Diminishes, and God knows what is there.
A point of exclamation marks that sky
In ringing orange like a stellar carrot.
Its round period, displaced and green
Suspends beside it the first point, the starting
Point of Eden, next the new moon's curve.

verse 1
[Martin Barnard]
So that I see and know I gave reason
The time to believe, it's all in my head
The sun that I see is just an illusion
And I live close to the edge

This time taking time, this sun, sun is high
Sang a tune, sang a tune, sang a tune

Everybody talks to you, everybody talks to you
Turning like it ought to, turning like a wise will, saying like it hasn't
Soul see, soul set, soul see, soul set

verse 2
Calling her name, called in nirvana
Time and again alone that I work
Take this and more and time in together
And why are you close to the edge

They say just to add the wilder world is a trap
I see just to add you to that
For he was the sun, the comet rushing along
And she, new to that, turned her back

Does everybody talk to you? Everybody talks to you
Turning like it ought to, taking it away
( Sample )
Soul see, soul set, soul see, soul set
Soul see, soul set, soul see, soul set
( Sample )
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Copyright ©Famous Music Corporation, Diplomat Music
WriterAndrew Michael Jenks, Corin Paul Thomas Dingley, Martin John Barnard, Burt Bacharach, Hal David, Sylvia Plath
Lyrics licensed byLyricFind
AddedApril 25th, 2011
Last updatedSeptember 17th, 2022
AboutLead vocals by Martin Barnard and backing vocals by Helen White. Originally released under the name Ariel, from the 1995 7-inch For The Armchair Traveller. This track contains samples of A House Is Not A Home by Ronnie Carroll and a lyrical extract of The Ghost's Leavetaking by Sylvia Plath.

Album Details

Alpha - Come From Heaven [1997]
Come From Heaven / track 8
5.0 / 5 (1)


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