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Ayumi Hamasaki

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AboutAyumi Hamasaki born October 2, 1978 in Fukuoka, Japan.
After then she has released 13 studio albums: NOTHING FROM NOTHING, A Song For XX, LOVEppears, Duty, I am..., RAINBOW, Memorial address, MY STORY, (miss)understood, Secret, NEXT LEVEL and Rock'n' Roll Circus together with 49 singles.

She is one of biggest J-pop artists.

Since her 1998 debut with the single "Poker Face", Hamasaki has sold over 50 million records in Japan, ranking her among the best-selling singers in the country.

On July 14, Hamasaki released her forty-eighth single, "Moon/Blossom". The single was released as the first of a three-part project to celebrate her yet-unreleased fiftieth single. The two other singles in the project (her forty-ninth and fiftieth singles respectively), "Crossroad" and "L", were released within a week of each other, "Crossroad" on September 22 and "L" on September 29. "Crossroad" was composed by Tetsuya Komuro and its coupling was her cover version of Komuro's band TM Network's 1988 song "Seven Days War", which was her first cover of a male song. These three singles in the three-part project reached number one weekly in its runs, which was her twenty-third, twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth consecutive number one singles respectively, setting a new record for the most consecutive number one singles by any female artist (solo or group) as well as any solo artist (male or female), breaking a record back over twenty years ago, also by Seiko Matsuda, who made a streak of 24 consecutive number-one singles between 1980 and 1988. The singles were also her thirty-fifth, thirty-sixth and thirty-seventh number one singles overall, respectively.

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