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"9 Months To Figure It Out" Lyrics

Ben Baas

She say she wish she could take it back to slavery
Given that black is her favorite
So she can sneak up in the barn f**k the enemy damn girl scream I luh' the melody
Hot damn I f****d the wife of the master homie say that I should run for life
But It felt so nice
1 on every side of the dice
How to clean all the scars on my back
He gon pay the price
I'm a king u mistaking how can't you recognize
Yeah I know u so concerned about your bank row
And my peoples sent me here for the wrong price
Only if they knew with time u can get more
She say she love how A nigga was scared first
And how I turn into an animal and quick bust
Well I ain't sorry maybe tell ur husband cut my shifts and give us beds, clean draws and a tooth brush
I see things that I like but I can't touch
Where's the party where they sharing if there is such
Only shit I see is party's where they sell lust my nigga
I learn patience in this life s**t u can't rush
Say she had no idea what these nigga bout
Told her true but u caught a nice fish too
She telling me real things it's blowing me out
Proaly only got nine month to figure it out

The master's wife say' she pregnant with my baby
I got 9 months to figure it out (9 months to figure it out)
S**t I can't let my color make me guilty
9 months to figure it out X2

Tell me
Niggas never go after their biggest enemy?
Well When I'm working she be watching from the balcony
I don't want no trouble I just wanna leave I told u I'm a king and she'll never be a f*****g queen
She comes back everynight, she gon try like the moon light
Im like aight gotta find a way to leave this mess right
Hung the homies Jay and Kin
Here they called them Clay and Bill
I was chillin, I was chillin in the background working
Trouble had they keys to all my doors
Let's take it back where nobody care what cash u holdin
Goin in and stopped getting sore
You know imma Runaway Now
Runawaay x2
I feel like none nune' even matters anyways
Runaway x2

- (slave) Ay man
- ((slave 2)what's up?)
- That nigga baas tried to runaway yesterday
- (what?)
- The master let him go cuz his wife had the baby see
- (for real?)
- The baby came out light skin very good lookin
Locked him when his wife said that she mess with him

- (Baas) I been working too much for a low pay
I didn't rape ur wife she came down here everyday
Baas just wanted to hit the keys like Ray
When the babys not even mine he looks just like Jay


I got 9 months to figure it out (9 months to figure it out)

This song was submitted on November 18th, 2016.
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