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"Call In Sick" Lyrics

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Im guna call in sick
See I just can't do it
I got the phone in my hand - I got a script - I wrote a plan
Ah yeh
See I've been up all night
With one of the worse cases this town has ever seen
And if I come in Debbie - if I come in
Debbie im guna take down the whole team
And then il have blood on my hands
The machine won't operate at full speed
The itchy yarn of wool will unwravel
And they wont cope at the pharmacy
Yeh we'll be forced out on the streets Debbie
Me and the whole of level 1 finanace
We'll plague everyday folk
Mothers at school gates in high heels and contamination pants - ooh
But it wont stop there Debbie no
That fever will spread high that fever'l spread low
It could take down the better half of the city
And depending on which district your livin in - I could take you all down with me

Im guna call in sick
You know its for the greater good
Cos im just thinkin of you and your childrens childrens future
Its the only decent thing to do
And one day should probably become two
And perhaps if I take a third
We should play it safe and round it up to four
And who goes in on a Friday?
Who goes in on a Friday? c'mon who goes in on a Friday?

(Out of intrest who's working Friday? is Andy in? right- im definitely dyin then cos
I don't know what it is about Him, but that is some next level shit that I just cannot deal with)

Im guna call in sick
You know ive been feelin kinda nauseous as it is
This job is not what I wanted at all
I mean , I mean any moment now my doctor he's, he's probably guna call
Ok - alrite - its no secret - ive never been keen
But I could poison the whole canteen
I should I should stay home for good measure
No - no I cant risk it Debbie no- no not in this kinda weather
Let it rain
Let it pour

Im guna call in sick
And im guna lie in the bed that ive made
Its been nothin but hassle gettin here - I mean
I mean the light its - its beginnin to fade
Don't you feel guilty though Debbie - no
You can do your fun runs in- in my name
Oh cruel world - why me - why now
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WriterTor Maries
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AddedAugust 7th, 2020
Last updatedMarch 6th, 2022

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