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AboutBlindside is a Christian hardcore/hard rock/Alternative rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. They formed in 1994 as "Underfree" and kept that name for two years before releasing their debut EP in 1996.
In 1997, Solid State Records got a hold of the EP and signed Blindside. The first album, which was self-titled, was released to American audiences. This album had quite a raw, punk-rock feel and was well-received by fans of P.O.D. and Mr. Bungle (which features vocals from Mike Patton of the legendary Faith No More).
In 1998, Tooth & Nail Records issued a new EP: Empty Box.
In 2000, A Thought Crushed My Mind was released. Due to lackluster sales of the two albums, it would be Blindside's final album for Solid State. P.O.D. began actively endorsing Blindside and signed them to Elektra Records under the imprint 3 Points. This album explored a harsher, more hardcore side than the band's debut, and vocalist/chief lyricist Christian Lindskog also voiced his pain of missing his wife and soulmate, Elina, while touring.
2002 saw the release of Blindside's next album, Silence. It generated minor hits such as "Sleepwalking," "Pitiful," and "Caught a Glimpse." In 2003, they toured with Hoobastank to support the album. Some fans consider this their best work yet, as it perfectly meshes Christian's beautiful vocal melodies with the band's dramatic, crunchy instrumentation.
In 2004, About a Burning Fire was released. It has generated a minor hit in "All of Us." In late 2004, it was announced that Blindside was leaving Elektra Records per the band's request. This album showed the band toying with their diversity, as they threw in techno elements in "Where The Sun Never Dies" and yodeling Swedish vocals in the ethereal "Shekina".
In 2003, the Warner Music Group was sold to private investors, and employees lost jobs as a result. Therefore, the label couldn't support them anymore. Thankfully the Blindside Union and P.O.D. Warriors are doing more than enough to help out. Blindside sold out five of the shows they headlined in 2004.
However, the headlining tour was marred by a couple of incidents. First, their tour bus crashed, and was in disrepair, so they were forced to rent a van. Second, their last show in Bartlesville, OK had to be cancelled. They went in to a restaurant after their show in Dallas, TX, and when they came out, they found every thing in their rental van stolen, including their passports and whatever money they had.
In 2005, Blindside re-released their first two albums, with bonus tracks added on to them, with new cover art. A DVD, entitled Ten Years Running Blind, was released on June 21, 2005 and a new album, The Great Depression, was released August 2 2005.
The Great Depression saw Blindside experimenting with many more genres than they previously had. Many jazzy elements were incorporated, such as in the spiritually uplifting "My Alibi" and the dreamy, ethereal "City Lights." A couple guest vocalists were even incorporated, namely Ilkka from Benea Reach, a Swedish hardcore band. Ilkka's vocals dualed Christian Lindskog's in "Come To Rest". J. Jamte also did work on the comforting ballad "You Must Be Bleeding Under Your Eyelids." Many fans consider The Great Depression the band's most experimental work to date.

Christian Lindskog: vocals
Simon Grenehed: guitar
Tomas Näslund: bass
Marcus Dahlström: drums

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