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Bliss n Eso

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About "Bliss n Eso is back and that's a guaranteed fact!" – It's Working
Uttered on Bliss n Eso's forthcoming album, this bold statement is right on the mark. Bliss n Eso are indeed back, and they're bigger and better than ever.

The trio – a diverse bunch comprising of American born MC 'Bliss', Australian born MC 'Eso', and DJ 'Izm' of Moroccan heritage – has certainly come a long way since forming in the late 1990s as three high-school students busting rhymes at the local bus stop. In 2000, they burst onto a growing hip-hop scene with the release of their debut EP, aptly titled, The Arrival. With its thumping beats and raw rhymes, the EP was quickly embraced by the Australian hip-hop community, and Bliss n Eso was billed as an outfit to look out for in the future.

Four years later, after appearances on a hand full of compilations, the trio released their first full-length album Flowers in the Pavement. Just like their debut EP, the album struck a chord with the public, with the track "This is For You" gaining high-rotation not only on Triple J, but also on commercial radio network NOVA FM (the trio's second mainstream hit, behind the classic "Beer O'clock"). "This is For You" and another track from the FITP, "Pigs in the Porn Trough" also secured Bliss n Eso as the "hip hop" category winners and "artist of the year" nominees at the annual National Music Oz Awards in 2003 and 2004.

Over the years Bliss n Eso has not only attracting attention through their recorded works, but also have built an unprecedented fan base and reputation through their live performances. Combining impromptu free styling, dynamic beat boxing and cutting edge turntablism with an extremely fluid and energetic stage show has seen the group hailed as having one of the tightest live shows in the country. After touring with some of the biggest international acts to hit our shores including; Xzibit, Cypress Hill, Naughty by Nature, Jurassic 5 and The Roots, together with a well received debut, the stage is now truly set for the crew's follow up LP.

The new album, "Day of the Dog", scheduled for release on the 27th of Feb, 2006, illustrates Bliss n Eso's growth as artists and will undoubtedly usher in a new era for the crew. A brilliant collection of 15 diverse songs, this album showcases Bliss n Eso's work at its most well thought out and refined. The record ranges from party rockin' hits, to hardcore bravado bangers, to conscious poetical tunes that depict the trios experiences in life and the hip hop community. The tracks display creative sampling, innovative production and catchy choruses, all of which are sewn together with Bliss and Eso's fresh flow, and clever lyricism.

The conscious side of the artists is revealed on tracks like "Then Till Now" and "That Feeling", which – like much of the album – touch on hip-hop's place in modern society, particularly in breaking down cultural, racial and social barriers. ("You gotta understand me, I got to understand you, so we can stand together, recognise and vision this, one love, one mic sets aside our differences.") As Bliss points out: "A lot of people didn't know much about our history and where we are from, so we set out to bring that through as well as our take on how this culture fits into the contemporary Australian sound scape and identity."

The first single "Up Jumped the Boogie" is a toe-tapping, head-nodding affair – the kind of song that combines edgy and playful lyrics with an infectious feel-good hook that's sure to get the masses singing along. ("Well have you heard about them boys from a foreign land, They're gonna stroll across the globe with a mic in their hand, and they'll putting it down the only way they know how – So sing it!,. La la la la la la la la!")

Single contender "Party at My Place" featuring Motley from the UK, highlights the album's fun, laid-back appeal. Complete with party-like background noises (a babbling crowd, flung-about bottle tops, and of course, police sirens), this funky track dishes up a refreshing piss-take on parties and the crazy antics of boozed-up partygoers. Eso adds "These days there's so many "bling bling, champagne poppin', thug rhymers" coming out of the U.S. that take themselves so seriously, and we just can't relate to that life-style at all. We wanted to just flip a joint that showed the people out there how we get down at a jam and how we're not afraid to have fun with our music and take the piss out of ourselves and different situations we come across".

In light of the expression: "every dog has its day", we see the album title: "Day of the Dog", as a metaphor for Australian Hip Hop being the "underdog" of the industry, and affirming it is now time for it's up rise. 2006 marks an exciting time for local hip hop scene and with a follow up LP this strong, Bliss n Eso are truly raising the bar. All up, the three make a formidable team – one that's only going to get bigger and better with age and experience.

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