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"Talk To Her!" Lyrics


You obviously like her
Why don't you go talk to her?
Go over there and say hi, start a conversation, get her number
She's cute man, go for it

You know I can't do that

C'mon Paul, if you can't say hi how are you ever going to get a date?
Give your right hand a rest for one night, go talk to her

All you have to do is say
'Hello how are you'
And suddenly
You're talking

Take the quickest route and say
'Hey y-you're pretty cute'
And finally
You're talking

Face your fear
Buy her a beer
Or a glass of wine
Tear down your walls and grow some balls
Just talk to her and you'll be fine

If you never try it
You'll never find out why
It's the way it's supposed to be
You're male you are a hunter
You see a girl you want her
Go after her
Go talk to her
Do it for me

I'll tell you what
We'll make a bet
Twenty five bucks says you get her number
Nothing to lose
Free money to get

And what if I lose?

Then you'll get a girl's number. Duh.

I don't need to make a big show or use some cheesy pick up line
I never had to do that with Flo and look at us we turned out fine

And then she dumped you

Fuck you

It's time that you forgot her
Dive into warmer water
Go after her

Flo is in the past
You were never meant to last
And besides, her name is Flo


Oh, that better.
Flo was just a fluke
Not a normal girl
And you can't assume it'll happen that way again

You can't keep on comparing
Each stranger you are staring at
To a girl who acts like she's ten

Just look at her
She's beautiful
Pretty as peaches and ripe for the picking
Cuties like that are rarely alone
So give it a shot
The iron is hot

Do you know why she's here alone?
Probably cause he date is late
One in a million she's here alone

Then if her date's late then you be her date

I'm not in the mood
Look she hasn't ordered food
That means she's waiting on a dude

Here's your food ma'am


Tonight she dines in solitude
All alone go fucking talk to her

Can't you just accept that I can't talk to girls that I don't know
I'm quite content to gaze from afar
So please just drop it
Let it go

Get a fucking clue man
She's looking right at you man

No don't look now!

This conversation's through
She is looking right at you

Where are you going?
I have to pee.

Hi, are you here alone?
Great, listen, my friend Paul thinks you're really cute.
Yeah, you noticed him too then?
Great. Match made in Heaven.
But see, the problem is he's kinda shy.
But he'd really like to get to know you.
So, uh, when he comes out of the bathroom
Why not come over and join our table?
Oh I can't do that, I'm way too shy.
You're perfect for him, what's your name?

Listen carefully Melissa
All you have to do is say
'Hello how are you'
And suddenly
You're talking

Your wish is his command
He is putty in your hand
So once he's back
Start walking (I can't)

Yes you can
C'mon be a man
Don't let this one go
Get some nuts, oh! Guts -- I meant guts.
Just promise me..

He's coming!
I know!
Hey, everything come out alright?
Just fine
You know, I've been looking at your chick.
I think she may be a little out of your league.
You probably shouldn't go talk to her.

Reverse psychology?
You're trying to dare me to go talk to her.
Is it really that important to you that I embarrass myself
In front of a beautiful woman?
No it's important to me that you get over this stupid fear of rejection
I don't have a fear of rejection
Then talk to her, c'mon.

Face your fear
Buy her a beer
Or a glass of wine
Tear down your walls and grow some balls
Just talk to her and you'll be fine

I'm not listening
I'm not listening
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
I'm not listening
La I'm not listening

You know, if you want to be a pussy for the rest of your life then fine!
Alex, what are you doing?
Oh my goodness, he's choking!
He's not choking, he's just trying to get attention. He's just..
My God somebody do something!
I'm an EMT!
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