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"Hood Pride" Lyrics


Yo! we done feelin' shit
They got us smellin' like flowers
Real hahahaha.....
YEAH! they thought CNN was over
We still here

[Chorus] Mary J Blige

Now you can tell by the way i run these streets
That im so proud to represent my hood
You can tell by the way i rock this beat
That im so proud to represent my hood
??? gettin my chedda
Im so proud to represent my hood

Verse 1 N.O.R.E

I tell my real niggas stand up
they cut their hands up
while they cuttin' the grams up
it dont hurt nigga man up
see im a hustler a scrambler a gambler
Your chick got a place then you should handle her
Marc jacobs shade Grey goose Jesus north of the rocket
polo shirt collar with it
Im a scholar with it make dollars with it
Yeah shinobi sword and you should know me lord
Cut the head off a snake the body dont exist
Cut the grass the snake show
blow like fuego
Caught him at the race show
Quarter for the weight though
Yeah and did he did what i say so
I used to only take dough
know i only make dough
Hood pride i walk with a ratchet
anybody killa cuz' anybody can have it
Jesus piece hang of my neck so dont grab it
clip 4 out of the tech i reattach it
bulletproof fabric
hand to hand magic
Peace god i cant settle for average
my tactics bag of actives
far from savage


Verse 2 Capone

Drug money and slum
Got niggas sellin' buzz downs
Same dude with the 5 is on the bus now
Tryna get it transfer for 2 more rides
Im the goon ho killed your mom for a Q45
Why niggas keep asking the question
They got the answer to 'em
The bullets do the same thing to you
that the cancer do
I never bring death to nigga until he cross me
Never take nigga too serious when he's saucy
In the branch when i'll die
they'll build me a mausoleum
and i'll stay with the couture couture
and blast for my freedom
We livin' lawless flawless diamonds
Pockets fat like Rick Ross's
Haters move cautious
Nicotin flow they addicted and get nauseous
22 spendin' on a pan of mary porches
You can say the rockers is for the young and the restless
This is for the coke cowboys get your guns and your vestes
This song was submitted on February 5th, 2011.
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