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"Hate Crew Deathroll" Album Lyrics

Children Of Bodom


To say that Children of Bodom are bad would be a lie, and this album shows why they are a good band. But it would also be a lie to say that they were anything special. To be perfectly honest, as this review's title suggest, this is an inoffensive album of melo-death that is perfectly content at being nothing more than an average album.

This is a band I feel many kids, myself included, experience as a phase on their path to heavier music. And to this, I appreciate Children of Bodom's existence. However, if you've been in the metal scene for a while and just haven't gotten around to listening to this band yet, don't bother. Their entire discography is basically the In Flames record "Reroute to Remain". It's as close as melo-death can be to being accessible and that's it.

But, if I had to choose the best Children of Bodom album, it would have to probably be this one. The riffs are fast and somewhat memorable and it's also as close to being brutal as COB ever have gotten (which isn't very close but). The instrumentation beyond just the riffs here aren't the best, but they get the job done well enough. The songs are brisk and never feel like they drag on too long, although none of the songs have a feeling of true brilliance either so take that as you will.

On this album, Children of Bodom have almost become the Man O' War of melodic death metal, opting for fun over brutality. This isn't an entirely bad thing, as if the band had tried to be super serious, I feel the record would have seemed even sillier. Still, this will come down to personal opinion rather if this style is okay with you. Most of the songs here are about 4 minutes long, which adds to the accessible element of the album. There isn't anything here mind boggling complex, but the songs aren't so simple they become horrifyingly boring. However, the songs seem a bit more complex than they are, due to the great, mechanical production. Think of the production from Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction.

Bringing up Countdown to Extinction, I think that is a lovely comparison for this album, although I find that album to be vastly superior. Both represent a mix between their intended genre and a more accessible sound. Both albums have an extra sense of complexity, due to the fact that the production highlights every small detail. Also, the songs here are very concise, perhaps even too concise. In short, this is a good place to enter in the world of melodic death metal. It isn't so accessible that it feels like a pop record, or that it doesn't challenge new fans. That being said, any veterans should stay away, as this brings nothing new or better to the table.
01Needled 24/7 lyrics
Children Of Bodom
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Children Of Bodom
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Children Of Bodom
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Children Of Bodom
05Angels Don't Kill lyrics
Children Of Bodom
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Children Of Bodom
07You're Better Off Dead lyrics
Children Of Bodom
08Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood lyrics
Children Of Bodom
09Hate Crew Deathroll lyrics
Children Of Bodom
10Silent Scream lyrics
Children Of Bodom
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