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Genre:Rock, Pop, Rap

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Cimorelli is a group made up of 6 sisters. (Oldest to youngest) Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani.

They first became popular when they posted a cover of Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus on August 10, 2009. But at that time, Dani wasn't in the band because she was too young. After Party in the USA cover, they gradually gained popularity as they kept covering more and more songs.

Michael, their oldest brother, joined the band for a little while playing the guitar but left after their first EP.

Dani sang with her 5 older sisters for two songs (ABC by Jackson 5 and Baby by Justin Bieber) before she officially joined the band on June 26, 2010 singing Find Your Love by Drake.

Since then, Cimorelli's popularity has been skyrocketing, they've made 4 EPs in all, gone on a radio tour and their first full album is coming out in a few months. They write a ton of original songs such as their big hits Million Bucks, Believe It and Made In America as well as many others.

They've collaborated with MattyB and James Maslow so far. They have their own VEVO which has two music videos (Believe It and Made In America). They have posting many covers online as well, so to increase their popularity. Let me tell you a bit about the girls individually:

Christina: She's the oldest, the leader and founder of Cimorelli. She is EXTREMELY sassy and can be very bossy (in a good way) she is extroverted. 5' 6" with light brown hair and green eyes. Christina has a boyfriend named Nick Reali. Some nicknames are: Chrissy and Crisis

Katherine: The second oldest and by far the tallest at 5' 9" she loves to cook and write poetry. She is an extrovert and she's almost always the one to mess up while taping. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her nickname is: Kath

Lisa: The Mexican one of the family (CimFam inside joke) she's a bit shorter than Christina at 5' 6" She has the BEST impressions EVER! She is the most popular of the group, almost everyone who knows about Cimorelli loves her. She's half introverted, half extroverted. She is very shy in real life but when on camera she is outgoing and hyper! She has dark brown/black hair and brown eyes. Nicknames: Lise

Amy: Amy is the shortest of the family at 4' 10 1/8" which is her final height because she has Turner's Syndrome. Amy has medium brown hair and blue eyes. She ties for the lowest voice in the band. She absolutely LOVES tacos. She's the country girl of the group. She's extroverted and introverted. Nicknames: Ames

Lauren: The full on introvert, Lauren is the shyest of the group. She stands at 5' 6", she has dark brown/black hair and brown eyes. Though she is shy, she has the more 'swag' than her sisters. She loves skateboarding and RipStik-ing. She has a special relationship with her younger sister Dani. Their ship name is Dauren. Nicknames: Laur, Laurenzo, Sugar, LoLoBean

Dani: Dani (her real name is Danielle) is the youngest member of the band and the last to join. She is growing very quickly as she is almost taller than Christina, Lisa and Lauren even though she's really young compared to them. Dani is about 5' 6" and has medium brown hair and green-hazel eyes. She is the youthful energy of the group, always hyper and jumpy. Though she can be quite immature and hyper, she can be REALLY mature. She ties with Amy for the lowest voice of the group. Her and Lauren share a special relationship, called Dauren. Nicknames: Spice, Dani, Dan, Daniel, Dan Dan


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