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AboutJosé Cosculluela better known as "Cosculluela", is a Puerto Rican Reggaeton & Hip Hop singer-songwriter of Puerto Rican descent. Cosculluela is best known for his complex lyrics and aggressive style, making him a really good latin urban music singer-songwriters.

José Cosculluela was born and raised in Humacao, on the East Coast of Puerto Rico, from a young age he became very interested in music, and began making underground mixtapes with his brother Jaime, and a group of friends. After a couple of years of recording underground, he was discovered in a studio in San Juan by Buddha, a very well known Reggaeton producer, with the help of Buddha, other well known producer, Cosculluela was able to make his first appearance on Don Omar's Bandoleros, and later that year (2005) on Buddha's Family 2, with the hit song "Te Va A Ir Mal." After this, Cosculluela started going up in the ranks of Reggaeton and Latin Hip hop's greatest, appearing in such CDs as, Los Bandoleros: Reloaded, Invasion, Gargolas, Los Bravos, El Pentagono, El Pentagono Return, Los Brother, and many more. Cosculluela is known to many as "El Principe del Verso" or The Prince of the Verse, for being one of the best songwriters in this genre, and for having one of the most creative and extensive vocabularies of all the other singer-songwriters.

Today, Cosculluela is one of the most listened to artist in the streets of some Latin American countries.[citation needed] With a constant flow of his songs all over the internet and the street, everyday his name gets spread more. As he works on his album, he is constantly making appearances on different albums, and working with many different artists such as Daddy Yankee, Cultura Profética, and Jomar, Aldo among others.

But success comes at a price, he has been involved in several feuds with other reggaeton artists. Including Yomo, one of his very close friends where he lived in Humacao, being that they both hanged out in the same places. Other include Gastam & Kenny, this feud started because Gastam & Kenny were replaced by Cosculluela in Buddha's record company. This did not go well with them and they decided to make a series of diss tracks aimed at Cosculluela. Cosculluela replied by recording diss records directed at them. Last but not least, with Full Records, this one started as a chain of rumors that were spread by him to start controversy, Arcangel being one of the bosses at Full Records made an offer to Ñengo Flow to start a chain of disses that would spark the interest of millions in the company. There have been many tiraera's against each other. Such songs such as Caracol by Nengo Flow has been said to be an indirect tiraera for Cosculluela. Nengo Flow and Cosculluela have been in fueding for about half a year, until they reconciled and ended their beef on stage at the Vergilio 2009 concert. It is said the beef was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Credits: Wikipedia.org

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