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Farmer Jones ran short on seeds so he borrowed from his neigbor Sam
The fall brought Jones a flourishin' crop while his neighbor's all burned brown
Sam had a wife and thirteen kids he worked to feed each day
With hungry pride he begged for help and he was turned away
He was forced to sell his farm for half its worth
To this man he thought a friend to be if there's not a hell there ought to be
Mary Ann was sweet sixteen never had been around
A child as pure as a mountain stream that ran through her hometown
Then happened by the slick Tom Shark in his hand she was clay
She got caught and faced the shame and he laughed and went his way
Now no one knows where she's at her folks sent her away
If there's not a hell there ought to be
Widow Brown worked since Joe died and tried to save her pay
To give nine children beans and bread and pretty ties on Sunday
She got sick and slipped behind the rent she had to meet
They told her they were sorry and they kicked her out in the street
And that same day they came and took her kids away
If there's not a hell there ought to be
Young Billy Brown he took a trip to keep his country free
We're all proud of what he done for the good old USA
But somewhere there's a mighty big man who kept this a goin' on
The personal game wealth and fame they did their league all wrong
All wrapped up in the stars and stripes Bill came home one day
If there's not a hell there ought to be if there's not a hell there ought to be
song info:
Ověřeno yes
Autorská práva ©BMG Rights Management
SpisovatelBilly Deaton
Lyrics licensed byLyricFind
PřidalJuly 6th, 2022
Naposledy aktualizovánoJuly 6th, 2022

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