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Gerry Rafferty

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Mattie's Rag cover
Oh, Mattie open up the door
That's right I'm home again
You've got a big surprise in store
Turn round and count to ten

Wait til you see what I got you
Well, you'll say it's a magic thing
It's like an old mandolin man
You just wind him up and he'll start to sing

I've been away for quite a while
And I want to hear all your news
Speak to me, let me see you smile
Cause I've had those homesick blues

When I go down to that city
I just don't know wrong from right
When I go back to you Mattie
Well, you make me see the light

Love is a singular thing
It can take you up or bring you down
Yes, love is a song that I sing
So come on now Mattie listen to the sound

When you grow up, we'll sit and talk
Of how things used to be
I'll be a grand old man of rock with all these memories
This song was submitted on January 14th, 2006 and last modified on March 5th, 2022
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