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Malphas výkon. Miss Murderess B-Loody

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Never Scared cover
Never Scared Ft.Miss Murderess & B-Loody by Malphas(Malphas)
I aint afraid to take out all you little bitches
slice your throat and watch you shit your britches
Godamnitt fuck your whole town
set the bitch on fire watch the motherfucker hit the ground
take everybody down to hell
where your motherfucking soul shall dwell
stuck in a daze putting you in a spell
like a motherfuckin wizard except im coming for your gizard
so silent but so violent creeping by like a lizard
dont step to me unless you want to see
me cut up slice down your anatomy

Are you scared
Bitch I aint Never Scared x2

(Miss Murderess)
Walking through an alley way slowly creeping
i aint scared cause i run with demons
eyes blood red you can see me fiending
for the sound of bloody bitches screaming
Try to get lippy ill rip off your jaw
try to slice ya money you bound to get robbed
you know you just a pussy so why do you try to stand tall
when you hear the heat blast your the first one to fall
i see you over there with your fake ass bitch
eyes shaking and shivering better run and hide
you dealing with the real and we never scared to ride
barrel to the mouth bitch open up wide
blow yo brain jack yo chain
leave ya body laying with the pavement stain
aint no sense in praying when your already slained
try'd in the game but your fail is to blame


Never scared so you best beware
when im chopping bodies blood sparying everywhere
im a maniac hacking bodies underneath the stairs
then i cut there fucking eyes out to see there blank glares
i howl at the moon in the blood lit night
i fill lil kids nightmares full of fright
im the boogieman hiding underneath ya bed
and im coming with a pen concealed see ya mouth kill the light
now who the fuck is scared
bloody bodies are prepared
sacrfice ya then come over here
just indulge and consume are the very fresh flesh
with a mouth full of guts im screamin ah yes
im a cannibal hannibal hannible lecter
making incisions as i slice and dicect ya
human anatomy i think im in love
cause all i wanna do is see your blood

This song was submitted on January 28th, 2013 and last modified on March 5th, 2022
Lyrics licensed by LyricFind.

Album Podrobnosti


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